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Internet Smarts: Keeping your kids safe online

The internet world is filled with information and open to anyone’s access. While that is great for researchers, as a parent, you do not want your kid to wander around on various sites unsupervised. For kids, the dangers of internet are unending. Internet predators who lure kids into meeting them is no joke, so isn’t your child coming across sites that are X-rated by accident. A kid getting addicted to more and more screen time is also a menace these days.


Here are some ways to keep your kid safe online:

1. Basic security

Internet safety

Ensure that your laptop is updated and you have the latest anti-virus installed. Using the anti-virus, you can ensure that most spam websites and pop-ups remain blocked when your child is using the internet.

2. Parental Blocks


There are plenty of software available in the market and you can install a parental block in your computer. They can keep your kid away from illicit websites and even though technology can only do too much, it still is reassuring to know that most of the bad sites will be blocked automatically.

3. Do not give them Administrator access


Make a separate account for your kid to log into the computer. Do not give them administrator access. Meanwhile, educate your child about internet Dos and Don’t’s. Guide them on what to use and what not to.

4. Bookmark important sites for them

bookmark sites

If your child is new to using internet, there are going to be some obvious sites that he/she will be browsing. Whether it is online games, Wikipedia or any chatroom, bookmark their favourite sites so they have no problem accessing it. This will ensure that they don’t accidentally type in the wrong url and reach a site they shouldn’t.

5. Check their browsing history regularly


The best way to keep your child safe on the internet is to check their digital footprint and get to if know early on if they have accessed something fishy or said something to a stranger online. But if you find nothing, do not talk to your child about it. Even if they have searched something absurd, mentioning it would let them know that you are keeping an eye on them and they may try sneaky stuff to preserve their privacy.

6. Know who they are talking to

internet safety

If your child is old enough to be talking to people online, keep an eye on who they are conversing with. Stranger danger is a very real concept online. There are many social networks online that are “safe chat rooms” and are designed to teach children how to talk online in a healthy and safe environment.

Smart hacks apart, the best way to keep your kid safe on internet will be to teach them the right and wrong thing.

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