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Things you should know about 9 year olds

The age of “9” is a very important age as this is when kids stop being children and step into adolescence. It is one of the stages of mental development of children and it not easy to deal with for the kids. So, here are the things you should know about 9-year-olds.

1. Puberty starts for somePuberty

When a kid is 9-year-old, you can expect puberty to hit soon. For some, the changes that puberty brings is at peak when they are 13-year-old but its initial symptoms begin at 9. So, be careful in what you say to your 9-year-old. You do not want your kid to start having body image issues. Make careful comments on their appearance or clothing. Manage your own habits and let your kid imitate.

2 Nurturing is needed


This is the stage where your kid’s nature will start developing and so this is when they need nurturing the most. Be attentive to your 9-year-old. Help them learn basic life-skills like planning their day, taking initiative in making friends. Let them take responsibility for all their actions.

3. They need a friend more than a parent

friend parents

This is a crucial stage in your kid’s life where you can either distance yourself and end up regretting it or become the closest confidant of your child. This is the time when kids would want to spend as much time away from home and their parents as they can. Sleepovers with BFFs is a common thing. But friendships at this age can also bring with it, complicated feelings. Be present for your child and listen to them venting out their feelings.

4. They’d want regular pocket money

pocket money

This is the appropriate time to start giving a regular allowance to your kid. They need to understand the importance of money and start being responsible for it. Do not let them spend all the money at once. And if you have made it into a regular thing, stick to schedule. Your child will want some allowance for basic expenses. But it is for you to guide them about consequences for their decisions.

5. Prepare them for your absence

Nine-year-olds are responsible enough. They need to learn appropriate behaviour for when they are not supervised. Teach them how to say no in situations they do not feel comfortable in. Let them make decisions. Let them have an understanding of what your expectations are and then let them do what they wish to.

Keep talking to your kid and observe them to learn more about their behaviour. Not every 9-year-old is same. Do they have more energy or less? Are they growing mature or still taking time? Choose accordingly.

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