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How to raise a kid who loves to travel

Travelling is a wonderful experience that widens one’s perspective and teaches one to be social, independent and makes one more understanding of others and their culture. But how to make it so that your little one develops a passion for travelling. Here are some things you can try:

1. Start small

park travel

Plan family trips at a local park or try new cuisines at an ethnic restaurant. Tell your kid that it is an adventure and plan it as such only. Attend a local festival or parade or just spend time in a picnic in your backyard. The commitment need not be big but the point is to expose your child to new experiences like art, culture, geography. Even for their birthday, you can plan a small trip.

2. Involve your child


When deciding on a trip, involve your kid and ask them which place they would love to see. If it something quite exotic, then settle for an easily reachable local version of the place. For example, if your kid is all excited about going for a safari but you cannot afford it yet, or cannot take time off, take them to the zoo at least. Also, search for family-friendly places with your child and let them find something they like whether it is a museum or a national park.

3. Get them interested in History

travel history

See what your child is most interested in and trace the roots of it in history. If your kid loves trains, take him to a train station, explain how trains came to be, go on a short journey by train and do it every once in a while. Let their interest lead the way while you give them the necessary background to teach them how important it is to understand the depth behind the things one likes.

4. Don’t force fun

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The fun should come naturally. Do not constantly be looking over your shoulder on whether on not your kid is enjoying. Instead, preserve memories, click pictures and let them take charge. Go at their pace and do not try to impose your wish upon them. Kids have a different way of seeing thing and so let go of your expectations. Your kid might not like some parts of travelling but that does not mean that your efforts are in vain. If you have more than one kid, it can be even harder. Let each kid decide things one week after the other. One best thing to do is keep souvenirs to remember the travels whether it is tickets, pictures or writing memorable things in a diary.

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