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Childhood Obesity – A Cause For Worry

It is a common misconception that when it comes to kids and babies, fat means healthy but when it comes to around child being cute, doctors will tell you that childhood obesity is not a joke. Nurturing a ‘fat’ child should take a different turn than a normal baby.

Children have been growing more and more obese these days and it is important to note that having a few extra kilos is not healthy.

Childhood obesity and the health risks it poses:

Childhood obesity

Being overweight causes a lot of problems such as lifestyle illnesses and these days even children suffer from eating disorders, diabetes, heart ailments, respiratory issues which previously only adults used to face. Moreover, sleeping troubles also trouble overweight children since they are at a heightened risk for Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Whether it is a problem of depression because of low self-esteem due to a negative body image or liver and fall bladder disease, children are no longer exempt from these ailment because of obesity in childhood.

What causes obesity in children?

The first and foremost cause is overweight parents. If the parents are overweight, the same characteristics might pass on to the children since they would also adopt similar eating habits.

Wrong diet poses as another big problem as children choose more and more junk food and sugary carbonated drinks. When they eat packaged food filled with fats and energy-dense food, they are likely to develop more weight.

Physical lethargy:

Childhood obesityPhysical activity is kids is of utmost importance but since kids spend more time in front of the TV or using gadgets than going out and playing outdoor games, lack of physical activities can also cause obesity.

Portion of food:

Childhood obesityNot only is taking care of whether or not your child is eating healthy food necessary, but controlling the portion of food is also important. Parents tend to feed their kids more and more thinking that it will improve their physical development but eating more does not give them all the necessary nutrients but eating healthy in a controlled manner does. Parents should serve a balanced meal to their child but in manageable portions.

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How to prevent obesity?Childhood obesity

The tricks that work in preventing obesity in adults work for kids too. In kids also you have to inculcate healthy eating habits. They must avoid high-fat and sugary food and instead intake food with more antioxidants, proteins, vitamins and minerals.

Exercising should be made into a habit so the child at least does some physical activity all day. You can ask them to join a sports class or instead inculcate the habit of swimming, riding a bike, hiking or other such physical activities in them. Parents must also stop force-feeding the child when he does not feel hungry.

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