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Tips To Protect Children From Common Household Poisons

There are a lot of common household poisons that have a permanent place in our homes owing to the fact that they help to combat infections. While you need not worry much about their presence at home when there is no child at home but you ought to be extra careful with these in the presence of kids. These otherwise helpful products can turn to be disastrous for the well-being of your child if dealt with carelessly. The following few tips can be of great help at tackling the issue of safely storing the common household poisons away from your child’s reach.

1. Proper storage

household storage

Instead of keeping the household chemicals at a convenient place from where these are easy to access for children, it is necessary to store them at a place that is out of your child’s reach. It is suggested that you store all the household chemicals in a high cabinet that is completely far from the reach of kids at home.

2. Use safety latches

safety latches

Storing the household poisons in a high cabinet is just not enough. Use safety latches and lock up all the cabinets where you have stored such products. Doing so ensures that a child does not have an access to it even in your absence.

3. Store in original bottles

household items

Never make this mistake of storing such household poisons in fancy containers. This can be misleading not only for kids but any one in the house who is not aware about your storing pattern and believe us it can be really fatal. Do not use food packaging bottles ever to store such things. The best part is that you store them the way you have bought them from the store.

4. Keep an eye on kids

While these products are in use during the cleaning process ensure to keep an eye on your kid. At times it so happens that you turn your back towards the poison and the child gets an opportunity to explore the same and get hurt. Also, try using these products when kids are either not home or still asleep.

All in all, using these tips you can prevent your child from falling a prey to any sort of danger. Though we as parents tend to be very careful about such things but even a tiny error on our end can result in grave happenings. Thus, staying cautious is the only key to prevent such happening.

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