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Happiness is a blend of beauty and light–Treasure it!

Happiness houses light and indeed has immense beauty in it. We shall treasure and apply it to our everyday life. I have already, What about you? Everyone is responsible for their own happiness and sorrow. We are the ultimate controllers of our life. What we absorb is what we reflect. Shine, Shine, and Shine! Make it daily mantra to smile through every challenge life throws at you.

One can inculcate happiness in their lives just the way they want to. Everyone will agree on how frustrated one gets by following their dull and mundane routine. It’s all in the mind! Why attach your happiness to something or someone in this temporary world? Live your life before it’s too late.

‘Happiness is a choice and I choose to be happy all the time!’ These 4 adaptable practices can help you live your life in the right way:

 Let’s Exercise


After you wake up in the morning and send your kids to school, just take out a yoga mat and lie down for a few minutes. Now, sit straight and close your eyes, meditate for as many minutes as you can. There’s no better food for your mind and soul than this. Further, when your mind has had its share, exercise and do yoga. 30 minutes a day leads to a healthy and active lifestyle. Start it today itself!

Think Positive


Trust me, positive thinking is a no-brainer. Everyone has heard that with positivity comes internal happiness, and every delay has a blessing. Close your eyes for a minute and count, count on the blessings you have. Being alive and breathing is the biggest of all! If you can feel your breath, you are the richest person in this universe. And if you have you, trust me you are the strongest.

Acknowledge Experiences more than Failures



How dull life would have been if you had no ups and downs? Just like a single line in a heartbeat means dead. Every lesson learnt is an experience for your upcoming opportunities. Acing your happiness equally in every failure and success is vital. Be aware! We tend to exaggerate our happiness and sorrows, which doesn’t even matter a few years later or after some hours.



Detach yourself to materialistic things around you. All that shines, is not gold! The things which you know are temporary and can be replaced are never truly yours! So, never replace your happiness with it! People are temporary and so is our body.

Choose happiness over all the drama life has and just add some sparkle. You’re ready to shine!

‘Happiness is the best make-up one can wear’.

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