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Your Handbook to Resolving Disputes – For a Lifelong Relationship

Start by going to bed happy with yourself and others too! Yes, it matters for a peaceful and healthy sleep. Fights and anger can stress you and increase the feeling of hatred in you. You will have disturbed sleep and stay unhappy in every venture you undertake.

I was like most of you before. But I undertook it as a task to go deep into this matter and see how it can be resolved. Then I got to learn that resolving disputes before going to bed can be beneficial for a lifelong relationship with your near and dear ones. Highlighting the side-effects of sleeping with rage in heart and unhappy soul:

Gets Harder for you to have a Fresh Start the Next Day

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When you have a good night sleep, it creates a sense of new hope the next morning. And going to bed angry can defeat that hope. Relations need to feel the victory of overcoming conflicts and starting afresh from time to time. Though, if your next day starts with the hard feelings of the night before, your trust for each other is lost slowly and completely.

It Instils a Message to Other Person that you Value Ego more than your Relationship

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When you fight with your kids or spouse or loved ones, you are sending them a message that they are less important to you than winning in conflict. That may not be what you intend to communicate, but that’s often the takeaway.

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The Thread of Relationship Slowly Weakens

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The wall between you both gets higher and the division gets wider. Slowly the thread of your relation weakens as you start by arguing more and speaking to one another less. There will come a day when you start neglecting each other in parties, or at home as well. Night after night, these unresolved conflicts create a relational wall that becomes increasingly tough to enter.

Less and unhappy Sleep, Degrading Health

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Experiencing less sleep and anger not only harms you emotionally but also physically. Research and studies have shown that low quality and lack of sleep affects overall health. Also, when you go to bed angry, you are compromising on your good night’s sleep.

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Petty Issues can lead to Forever Goodbyes

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Always keep that in mind, your partner, children, parents and friends are more important than the dispute. These are mere and petty issues which will heal with time and may vanish in thin air someday. But a person once gone will never return. It’s always you and the other one against the situation!

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