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Tips to make your morning routine less chaotic and frustrating

If you’re also one of the parents tired of fussy mornings, this post is for you. Here are a few tips to make sure that the morning routine works fine for both you and your kid.

1. Start early

Start early in the morning to set routine right

Wake up before your kid does to get most of the work done. This is as easy as picking out the clothes of your kids for the week on the weekend. Get the lunch packed and your morning coffee down your throat before the little one wakes up to disturb your cooking. This way you get your peace of mind during morning routine and they cannot spend time wondering over what they should wear.

2. Make things visual and clear

bed time plan and morning routine

Make a visual list of what your kid needs to do in the morning as he gets up. Make it colourful and fun, add pictures and texts, in sequence so they know they have to brush their teeth, then you will give them a bath, they need to get dressed, get their things together, eat breakfast and walk out the door on time. That way morning routines will be fun.

3. Set a routine and enforce it

daily morning routine

From the beginning itself, it is important to do things over and over and set a routine. Practice the routine at night, every night for a week until it becomes a habit for your kid. If there are some issues, resolve them at dinner time. What is it that makes them take longer while eating breakfast? Why do they argue with their sibling? If you settle out these things the night before, you won’t have to deal with it the next morning. Ask them what they want for breakfast and lunch the next day so you can avoid having an argument about them fussing to eat as well.

4. Make it a fun morning instead


If your kids are really young and making morning routines difficult for you, you can make up stories to get them to do daily-routine tasks like brushing their teeth and getting ready. Talk about all the things they can do at school and why they should not be missing the bus. Instead of rushing them, act like you have all the time in the world but they don’t.

5. Stay calm 

Breathe. Take a break. And if things do not go right despite you making all the efforts and doing the right things then try again the next day. It will take some time before the routine is set. You might find it hard to wake up early in the morning but once you see how easily it makes things go, you will get used to it and slowly as your kid develops the habit of following his own morning routine, then you won’t need to wake up early.

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