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How to beat the pressure of being a perfect parent?

Being a parent can be overwhelming especially when you want to be the best parent. Many parents feel that they are not doing parenting right and strive to be perfect parents. Here is how you can stop feeling like you are failing at the most important thing in your life:

1. There is no manual


Remember that there are no instructions on how to do parenting right. There are many ups and downs and you learn as you go. Every couple is different just like every child is different. Someone may tell you to do something but they are telling from experience with their child. Something that may be right for them may not be right for you. So trust only your instincts.

2. Make friends that are parents

friends mom

As a parent, you might have so many worries or things to talk about regarding your baby that your single friends may not understand. This is why you should have a circle of people who have also become parents recently. It will make you feel like you are not going through this phase of your life alone. Since they will be in the same position, it won’t be hard making friends.

3. Talk about your feelings


When you get lonely, tired or frustrated, it helps to talk your heart out. Whether you do it with your partner, your parent, a friend or anyone else is up to you. But being honest about your feelings with another person can help keep your grounded. They can also give you help or advice that you need.

4.You vs other parents


Each person is different when it comes to parenting. Do not compare yourself with other parents to see how good you are doing compared to them. You know what is best for your kid just like they know about theirs. Making it into a competition will only get you more stressed. Do not always have it in your head that you want the best childhood for your kid because that way you will end up being overprotective.

5. Every baby is different

It is not enough to say it repeatedly to make sure that new parents understand this. All parents keep on feeling why their kid is not crawling yet or learning to walk. Is the baby healthy and happy? It is important that you give your all to parenting and in case of any doubts or problems, consult a midwife or a doctor. Every child has a different nature and develops on a different pace. Don’t start fitting them into moulds as soon as they are found.

And do turn off social media for a while because it can fill you with unachievable expectations.

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