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Activities To Avoid During Pregnancy

On day to day basis, we are habitual to do plenty of things. However, we have to be very careful as to what we do after we conceive. There are a lot of activities that are otherwise considered normal that can potentially harm you and the baby you are carrying. Here we are listing few such activities to avoid during pregnancy.

Contact sports

Indulging in activities like contact sports pose a threat of placental abruption meaning the premature separation of the placenta from the uterine wall. Doing so can result in preterm birth or pregnancy loss apart from a stillbirth. Other than this, there is also a risk of physical injury. Therefore sports like football or boxing must be avoided during pregnancy at any cost.

Changing a litter box

You as pregnant women are not at all responsible to change the litter box. Doing so can potentially put you and your baby at the risk of toxoplasmosis. In case it does happen then the foetus can potentially suffer blindness, brain damage or intellectual disabilities. Thus you need to be very careful about the same.

Drinking alcohol or smoking

pregnant drinking

Drinking alcohol or smoking can have really disastrous impact on you and baby. It can result in physical abnormalities, behavioural problems, intellectual disabilities, seizures, developmental delays, poor growth and reduced coordination and fine motor skills. In addition to this, it might also result in premature birth and congenital abnormalities. Sudden infant death syndrome and issues with placenta are other few issues that you need to know about.

Heavy lifting

heavy lifting

Pregnant women are strictly suggested not to pick up heavy weights. Doing so can put you to the risk of pulled muscles or hernias. Apart from this, it results in low birth weight and preterm labour. You therefore ought to keep this in mind, every time you get motivated to even lift a filled bucket or a handbag full of things.

Amusement park rides

Most of the amusement parks ideally do not lend tickets of various rides to pregnant women. However, in case there are few that does then it is your responsibility to avoid taking such rides. It is the jarring motion of such rides that can be a potential threat to you and your baby as it can cause placental abruption.

To wrap up, these are a few activities to avoid during pregnancy. Any ignorance on your end can prove dangerous for you and the baby.

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