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Causes And Remedies For Depression During Pregnancy

We are all most probably aware about the term postpartum depression, but what we do not know is that depression can be experienced by pregnant women during the phase of pregnancy also. While for many, pregnancy is a time of joy but for few it is a time where one is exposed to depression.  In a research that was conducted a couple of years back it is found that 7% of pregnant women are a prey to depression. To those who are unable to relate the meaning of term depression to day to day life, it basically refers to the mood disorder resulting persistent feeling of being sad. It is during this state of mind that a pregnant woman tends to lose interest in most of the things that other pregnant ladies enjoy.

Factors resulting in depression during pregnancy

Depression does not find place in the human body and mind on its own. There are a plenty of factors that result in such a state of mind, especially in the pregnant women. Some of the most common factors that result in depression among pregnant women are as follows:

1. AnxietyPregnancy Depression

Most of the time the mother to be is filled with anxiety regarding a lot of things. The process of birthing remains to be a matter of anxiety for many. Overthinking about the same can result in depression.


Mothers to be must be taken to a counsellor from time to time who is able to answer all the questions satisfactorily. The feeling of being prepared for the labour is a great accomplishment for any pregnant lady.

2. Life stress

Pregnancy Depression
Pregnant couple having problems at home. Mum is crying on the sofa, dad is stood behing with his head in his hands.

The pregnancy period for many might not be as smooth as expected. It might be the physical health or the lack of support from the loved ones that might triggers the state of depression.


It is important that the family members take utmost care of the pregnant lady. All her physical and mental needs should be catered to without any delay.

3. History of depressionPregnancy Weakness

Some of the times, it is not an external factor that causes depression among pregnant women. Here, it is the history of depression that might be running in the family lines that makes pregnant women vulnerable to depression.


In this case, one can only attempt to keep the pregnant women as much positive about the pregnancy as possible. Surrounding her with positivity can be of great help.

4. Lack of social support

Teenage Pregnancy

Pregnancy is not as fascinating as it appears to be. It is actually a tough time where women have to undergo a lot of physical and hormonal changes to bring a new life to existence. During this time she needs physical as well as mental support from people in her surrounding, lack of which makes her vulnerable to depression.


Take out time of your busy schedule to spend some time with the pregnant lady. This makes her feel motivated and acknowledged thereby keeping her positive.

5. Unintended pregnancy

unintended pregnancy

Sometimes, you get pregnant at a time when you are least expecting. Keeping such a pregnancy results in depression as you were not prepared for what you are now undergoing.


Take precautions while having sex and be extra careful. Also, monitor the menstrual cycle diligently.

6. Intimate partner violence

Un-understanding sexual partner is another major cause that results in depression during pregnancy. The support of a partner is one of the most important things that a pregnant lady craves for.


Understanding is the key. Partners need to be on the same page and should be more empathetic towards the pregnant partner.

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