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Important Tips on Breastfeeding During Night

Breastfeeding is not at all an easy task and if it has to be done in the night then it becomes all the more challenging. In order to help you master the night time nursing we are here with some

Important Tips On Breastfeeding During Night

1.Figure out a comfortable position


So that you can breastfeed your child at night, it is important that you figure out a comfortable position for yourself where you can lay horizontal and give rest to your body too. You can simply lie on side allowing a pillow or two to offer support to your head. Keeping a pillow between your knees can also be of great help. You ought to position your baby on his side in a way that his nose is level with your nipple.

2. Wear comfortable clothes


You ought to go in for wearing clothes that opens down the front instead of you having to pull it either up or down. Not only does it ensure comfort to you by keeping you warm  but at the same time it also ensures that your infant gets quick access to feed.

3. Access to towel

In case your breasts leak milk or your baby spit up, then you ought to ensure keeping a towel underneath you. This will be of great help at keeping you and your baby dry and you can switch this towel with a fresh one as soon as it gets dirty or wet.

4. Seek help


In case your child is in a habit of waking up very often at night then you must go in for using the breast compression in order to increase the amount of high-fat milk that he is able to get each time you feed the baby. The moment baby is sucking; you should press your breast using your thumb and fingers right into the kid’s mouth.

5. Bed sharing


If you are not that type of a person who forgets the world completely while asleep then you ought to share bed with your infant. Doing so will ensure that you are able to feed the child as soon as he begins to cry ensuring that he quickly goes off to sleep again. Also, this way the child gets an access to the feed instantly.

All in all, these are the Important Tips On Breastfeeding During Night that will help you a lot in case you are struggling with such a situation. These are helpful not only for the mother but also for the hungry infant.

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