Things no one told you

Post-delivery stuff no one ever told you

Having a baby is not exactly as magical an experience as movies and books make it out to be. Apart from the usual mood swings, nausea, weight gain, stretch marks, labour pain and of course the joy of giving birth to a new life, there are many things that you only find out once you have become a parent.

Get ready for blood

Stock up on as many pads as you can because there will be blood and a lot of it. No, it is not an immediate period after you have given birth but something similar. After your delivery, there will be a post-birth discharge containing blood, mucus, uterine tissue and whatnot. If you had a caesarean, then the discharge may be less. Yet, stocking up on maxi pads seems like the best option.

Everybody’s different

Every person’s bodily reaction and mental reaction after giving birth is different. Some mothers might feel instant love for their little one and others might get depressed with the thought of taking care of a child, constantly worrying about whether they will be a good mother. The healing time of the body also varies from person to person.

What is sex like?

The one thing no one talks about after having a kid is managing to be intimate with your partner despite having a kid. It is not just a blow on the self-esteem having gained and lost weight, developing stretch marks and being all stretched out. But you constantly have the thought of your kid in your mind. Even for fathers, having sex after seeing their partner deliver a kid can be difficult. Once the kid grows up, it is no better still because then you will be trying to find excuses and explanations when the kid finds you both alone and locked in a room. Even worse, if he/she sees you.

Urinary and constipation problems

Your pelvic muscles are most affected after giving birth so you will be having problems in peeing. Sometimes you may not be able to control it and other times you might feel a burning sensation. This is completely normal. Constipation and gas in the stomach are also common after delivery.

Don’t be spooked if you miss your period 

After giving birth, it might take you four to six weeks before getting your period and having a normal cycle again if you are not breastfeeding. If you breastfeed, you might only get your period again after you have stopped breastfeeding.


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