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Most Common Pregnancy Symptoms In First Trimester

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase of life that every woman craves to experience. During this beautiful phase of life while you are joyous on one hand, there are a lot of other things that begin to trouble you. Your body undergoes a lot of changes while your mind makes you vulnerable to mood swings. If you are a person who is experiencing pregnancy Symptoms for the first time, then here we are with some commonly observed symptoms that indicate pregnancy.

Breasts swell

Hormonal changes are the first thing that you begin to experience when you conceive for the first time. Your breasts become sensitive as well as sore. This is the first sign that you will note after pregnancy. Once your body adapts to the changes this will begin to reduce.

Morning sickness

Pregnancy Sickness

Another common thing that is associated with first time pregnancy is morning sickness. Again the credit goes to the changing hormone levels. To get rid of this or at least to reduce this to minimal, you ought to take as much fluid diet as possible. Apart from this, you must avoid food that smells. There are some types of foods that release more odour. Also, your sense of taste begins to alter during pregnancy.

Increased urination

As soon as you conceive, you will begin to notice that you go to the washrooms more often. You will begin to urinate more and often. This is because the amount of blood in the body increases while you experience pregnancy which requires kidneys to process the extra fluid resulting in quickly filling of your bladder.


Pregnancy fatigue
Pregnant woman sleeps on sofa embracing her belly

You begin to get easily tired while you are pregnant. Therefore, you are suggested to take as much rest as possible and do not forget to take mid-day naps.


Pregnancy Constipation

The release of increased levels of hormone progesterone results in slowing down the movement of food via the digestive system. This results in constipation. Taking the Iron supplements makes the problem even worse. In order to prevent constipation you are suggested to include an increased amount of fiber in your diet and drinking lots of fluids, particularly water.

Overall, these are the symptoms that accompany your phase of pregnancy. Most of these begin to appear and become more vivid after the first month of pregnancy. Being aware of these will help you handle your first time pregnancy more comfortably.

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