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Why Depression In Pregnancy Can Be Dangerous?

Depression is not good for any person but in pregnancy, one need not only worry about the mother but the baby as well.When it comes to pregnancy, mothers are advised to stay happy and brush off negative thoughts. But that becomes unavoidable with depression. Depression is aided by anxiety and stress which further troubles the pregnant woman whose body is already undergoing many changes. The hormones that a body produces during depression can reach the fetus and that is troublesome.

How does it affect the baby?

Depression In Pregnancy

Depression may cause premature birth in pregnancy and if the baby is born premature, there might be dangerous complications fatal to the lives of both the mother and the baby. The baby might also have low weight after birth. Depression during pregnancy can also impact the baby’s behavior once it is born. It may cause problems in the child’s learning abilities and development and growth.

The baby might also become depressed and not remain happy and jovial.

Effect on the Mother:

Depression In Pregnancy

Of course the person that is undergoing depression would face the worse consequences since if the depression remain untreated, it might cause health risks. Many depressed people end up taking their own lives and in case of pregnancy, it is not just one life that is lost. The mother might also develop other neurological conditions. After the delivery she might face postpartum depression as well.

Treatment options for pregnant women:

Depression In Pregnancy

Depression can be treated and the recovery time of the person depends on both the level of depression and the person who is depressed. Of course, there are medications that can be taken on a doctor’s prescription. But psychotherapy and support groups are also an option.

Some methods other than medications to overcome depression:

Depression In Pregnancy

If you do not wish to take medication, there are some other ways that will help with the symptoms of depression.


Exercise or do pregnancy Yoga. Both will help not only with your depression but also your physical health during pregnancy.

Maintain good sleeping pattern:

Of course sleepiness is also a sign of depression which is why instead of sleeping all the time, you must sleep on proper schedule to ensure that your body recovers and rests.

Adequate Eating Habit:

Food also plays an important role. Depressed people might not wish to eat at all or might eat a lot but during pregnancy you have to ensure a healthy diet and remain hydrated. An intake of Omega-3 can also be helpful in depression but in pregnancy, you must control your doctor before consuming fish oil.

Try to think positive and talk to your family member or close friends about the phase you are going through.

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