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Why Siblings are Important for a Child?

A sibling for a child is like their forever companion. They are a new way of learning, observing and every child spends their maximum time with their sibling. Sharing the same home creates a special bond with their younger or elder sibling. While the elder one acts like a teacher and a parent, the younger one becomes a friend. The bond between siblings is so strong that whenever in a difficult situation, before approaching a parent, kids approach their siblings. That shows the comfort in their interaction with one another.

Here is why siblings are important for kids:

1.Importance of seeing other kids


Along with the age factor, kids need to be around other kids so their learning skills can be enhanced faster. Toddlers tend to copy their elder sibling in eating, playing and thus have a faster growth and development rate. Having a sibling means always having someone to play with. It stops the kid from feeling lonely.

2. Sense of protection


One of the most remarkable role a sibling plays is act as a protective shield for their younger sibling. They not only become each other’s strength but also act as a role model. A child feels much more confident knowing that they have the backing of their sibling. Elder siblings also set benchmarks for their younger ones to follow.

3. Boredom


Being a single child can be hard on the kid since they will be getting all the attention from their parents but once home alone, or without any kids to play with all the time, they may feel bored and lonely. This can also depress the child and though adults can have a great influence on children, they cannot be good playmates. Moreover, parents would not be able to leave their child home alone. Elder siblings can take care of the younger ones but being the only kid in the family can be hard.

4. Communication


Siblings also help develop a child’s communication skills. A child talks the most with their sibling whether it is unnecessary fun things or a feeling they wish to share. Siblings also negotiate a lot and so it improved the art of communication in the kid. A sibling’s influence is just as important as a parent’s. It is from siblings that kids learn informal behaviour.

5. Same environment


Kids are able to relate better with their sibling because they are brought up in the same environment, have the same parent and know you right through your soul.

It is completely up to you whether you wish for a single child or want more than one. But you must understand the importance of siblings and take the child’s feelings into consideration.

Sneha Bisht
Sneha Bisht
Sneha Bisht have completed her master's in public health from Delhi University. She has expertise in writing on Pediatrics, Critical Care, Parenting related topics. Read More..

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