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How to explain your teen about the changes in their body

Growing old is the law of nature and everyone ages with time. And with aging a lot of things change in our body. Our various body parts grow or change accordingly. Being a parent it is very necessary to talk and discuss about the various changes that occur in the body of your child during puberty. Both girls and boys undergo various changes in their body parts and it becomes weird for them at times to handle all the change.

Familiarize them with all the changes their body will go through

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There are a lot of changes that takes place in the body and it can have adverse effect on their mind. All these sudden changes can make teenagers more prone to depression and they avoid public appearance. Teenagers tend to become more self-conscious and shy because of the hormonal changes occurring in their body and the right guidance is very necessary during that time.

Be patient


They feel shy to talk about these things to anyone. So it becomes very important being a parent to be open and talk about it to them. Before being a parent, be a friend to them so that they can be candid with you and ask you all the questions that are going through their mind. Encourage them to ask questions which confuse them. It is important that your kid trusts you and is frank with you because getting then they might go to other unreliable sources for such information which might be misleading and wrong

Explain to them that it is natural

Tell them that it is all a natural process and everyone undergoes these things and they should embrace the changes and there is nothing to feel awkward about it. Make them understand that it is an essential part of growing up and they cannot do anything to avoid it.

Become a friend to them

friend parents

Teenagers become aloof and don’t like talking to their parents but it is important that they consider you a friend. Create such an environment in your home that your kid doesn’t hesitate about asking you important questions like how and why their body is changing. Let them know that you have their best interests in your heart and they can ask you anything.

The teenagers should be free to talk and discuss about their problems they are facing in their daily life about the changes in their body. Whether it is acne or bodily hair they can be very conscious about it and can have low self-esteem in public. But making them understand that it is a healthy process and happens with everyone can make them feel better.

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Amanda Smith
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