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How To Keep Children Engaged For A Long Time?

Little children are packed with energy and they want to have a lot of fun. But this also sometimes become a very hard task to keep them engaged all the time. If you want your kids to be engrossed all the time then you need to make sure that they are having fun too.

Turn daily activities into games

Kids love to play games and friendly competition where no one loses will engross your children in the activity and keep them busy. For example just ask them, “Let’s see how fast we can do this…” and see how they will be totally immersed in the activity. Challenge them to complete all of their food or ask them to arrange their toys in an attractive pattern. Challenge them with problem solving activities, like hide their toys and give them clues to find it. Not only will it keep them engaged but also it will sharpen their skills.

Do not raise your voice

Children Engaged

If you want your kid to do something then ask them in a polite manner and never raise your voice at your kid. Raising your kid also makes them violent and if you want them to do something for you, they might not do it for you. If you lose your temper, your kid will immediately disengage from you and it will also ruin your relationship with your kid.

Allow them to go out and play

Children Engaged
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Kids get bored being inside the house all the time. Let them go out and play in dirt and they will be at it for hours. Also make your kids help with the gardening. Involve them with the planting of seeds and let them fill pots with mud. They might get dirty but will be engaged for a long while. They will become engrossed in the whole process of the growth of the plant.

Let them watch educational movies

Children Engaged

There are a lot of engaging and educational content available in the market. These movies are entertaining and educational as well. This way your kids will be busy and you will get a lot of time to catch up on all of your pending chores. Story-telling videos are amazing and your kid gets engrossed in it in no time.

Get excited for things they love

It is important that your kids feel important and know that you also appreciate the things they like to do. Your excitement will motivate them to continue their interests. Children have very little attention span and thus it becomes important that you encourage them for the right things. It is important that you foster their interests so that they can build skills for life.

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