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Father Daughter Bonding Tips

Fathers have a deep connection with their daughters, just like mothers have with sons. But often it is hard for fathers to get deeply involved in their daughter’s lives since she would be feeling closer to her mother and would be talking to her more often. These are the ways you could adapt to create a stronger bond with your daughter.

1.Play sports –


Encourage your daughter to learn a sport of her liking and be her playmate. Your daughter will like spending time with you, with her as the centre of attraction while you will get to go outside with her and teach her rules of the sport. Take her to different games and have conversations with her about it so it can be something common for you to share.

2.Find a project –

dad project

Do things with her. Since she would already be helping her mom with chores, you should try finding a project that she can do with you. Whether it is a school work, or small activity like washing the car, the more you work with her around the house, the more time you will have with her. Working together on projects increases cooperation and creates many engaging memories.

3.Take a vacation –


The reason why fathers do not end up having a strong bond with their daughter is that they never talk. So take some time off with just you and your daughter, at a holiday. It need not be something luxurious and can be a simple dinner date or a night of camping. Take a trip close-by and actually have conversations with your daughter.

4.Be her confidante

Father And Teenage Daughter Looking At Laptop Together

You can only become close to your daughter if you strive to do it from the beginning. Even when she is a baby, spend time with her, take care of her the same way her mother does. Have a positive relationship with her by remaining involved in her life, so if she ever needs anyone to confide in, she can turn to you. Get her in the habit of talking to you about her day. This will make it easy for you to build a strong relationship with her as she grows up.

5.Teach her skills


Whether it is riding a bike or taking care of small works at home, teach her skills that she can show-off and which will also help her in life. Learning something alongside her dad will give her a confidence boost and a sense of higher self-esteem.

6.Love her

fun time

Lover her unconditionally and show it through actions. Validate her when she does something good. Compliment her often and be more involved in her life. Plan fun time with her and make her laugh.

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