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Environment Friendly Activities You Can Teach To Your Kid

It this era where pollution is taking a toll, it has become very important that you teach your child to indulge in activities that are beneficial for the nature. There are a plenty of things that kids can do so as to prevent degradation of the environment. Here we are with some Environment Friendly Activities You Can Teach To Your Kid so that he can contribute his bit towards the mother earth.

Planting of seeds and plants

There are a lot of fruits that kids consume on daily basis. Many of these fruits have seeds like apple and water melon. You can teach your kids to collect these seeds in a box every time they have this fruit. Once they have collected a good amount of seeds you can ask them to plant these in the backyard or say the garden of your house. This will give them a feeling of satisfaction. Even if the seeds don’t grow, kids end p returning to nature what had always belonged to it. Also, you and your kids can head out of the house on your and his birthday and spend a little time planting a flower or a tree at diverse places which is the first step towards afforestation.

Making a birdfeeder

bird feeder

By asking your child to feed birds with water and food you are giving him one of the most important lessons of life. Making a birdfeeder is one of the best lessons that you need to teach your child right away for the benefit of mother earth. This way, your child will learn to share his resources with other living organisms and contribute towards the sustainable growth.

Impart knowledge about recycling


You ought to teach your child the importance of recycling. it is not necessary that the child has to indulge in the act of recycling but one thing that is necessary is that you teach your child the basics of recycling and this begins with letting your child know that he ought to segregate the waste prior to throwing it into the bin.

Reducing food waste

waste food

Another thing that your child needs to understand is that he ought to buy the quantity of food that he actually wants or can possibly consume. This is the first step that he can take towards preventing wastage of food.

Overall, these are the Environment Friendly Activities You Can Teach To Your Kid so as to contribute towards sustainable growth.

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