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Ways Kids Can Help In Saving The Planet

Kids are the future of the world and their little contributions can mean a lot when trying to save the planet. Here are some ways how kids can help save planet earth:

Turn off the lights:

save electricityThat is the first thing to teach your kids. Tell them to turn the lights off whenever they leave the room. They should also know to switch off TV properly once they are done watching.

Don’t waste water:

save water  Kids waste a lot of water so use measuring cup in the sink to show them how much water they wasted while letting the tap run as they brushed their teeth. Then ask them to brush with the tap off and show them the difference. This will show them exactly how much water they saved. Then also tell them the importance of saving the water for the future.



Use reusable materials whenever you can. Instead of plastic bags, go for reusable jute bags or cloth bags. Pack your kid’s food in reusable plastic tiffin box instead of throwable baggies. Also kids can avoid using plastic water bottles and opt to carry reusable water bottle with a fun look.


recycling After every art and craft or meal, sit and talk with your child about which material can be reused, which needs to be thrown and what can be recycled. Bottles, cans, magazines, newspapers, pizza boxes, etc. are all recyclable. Then have your kid place them in the recycling bin.

Borrow instead of buying:

Instead of buying your kid lots of books, get him a library card so he can issue new ones and read them as many times as he wants. You can then ask them to choose to buy a few favorites. It’ll save trees and also your money.

Don’t litter around:


Teach your child to hold on to their trash until they find a dustbin to put it in instead of throwing it on the floor or littering it elsewhere.

Avoid Plastic Toys:

Children can also opt against plastic toys which are not only easily breakable but also terrible for the environment. And even if getting a plastic toy, make sure that you do not get too many of them.

Use less air-conditioning:

The goal is to save the resources of the planet and kids can do that by avoiding using too much Air-conditioning.

Make their parents aware:

You can ask your kids to remind you whenever they are making a choice that is bad for the environment. That is one of the best ways to make your child environmentally conscious and it also keeps you in check.

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