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Parenting Tips For Planning A Spooktacular Halloween For Kids!

The ghouls Halloween fest is about to arrive, and a host of spooky soiree ideas race through your mind to make it kid-friendly. As a parent, I make sure that my kids stay engaged in every celebration and event. Monster mash party is often scary but making it fit for your little munchkins take a lot of tact and art. My girl wanted a Halloween celebration that is spooky yet not scary and it takes a lot of tolls to unwind your imaginations.

Decorations, food, costumes, games should all fit the kids’ mindset, and that’s what real parenting is all about. So let’s figure out some tips and tricks that can bring smiles to the faces of your children this Halloween!

Tips for celebrating Kid-friendly Halloween this year!

Halloween Celebrations For Kids

1. Make Fun Invites

The first step to start with the Halloween preparations is creating fun invites. For engaging kids with you, DIY invites are the right option as you can keep them indulged in some craft ideas as per the party theme. You can ask them to make a decorative party invite or a haunted hoedown. Adding some creepy quotes and messages can add fun to the invites such as ‘Spooky house awaits your presence’!

2. Keep it age-based-

Fix up the age group of party comers and accordingly plan games and events. Halloween decorations and games can’t be too dull or too scary. If the gathering is of small kids, keep it simple and funnier rather than ghoul themes. Twist it with classic activities such as pin-the-tail games, bowling or cornhole. You can use kid-friendly colours like green, orange and red to give the right signal.

halloween celebrations

3. Duration of a party-

If you are planning Halloween with kids, don’t try to make it a whole night plan as kids are bound to feel sleepy in late-night hours. Instead, you can opt for an early night celebration with kids and later move on to real screams, shouts and ghouly adventure at a night party with adults. But for younger kids, a two-hour party or gathering is enough and also mention in the invites about the time when parents can come up to pick the kids.

4. Select theme-

Give this leverage to your kid as to which is their favourite Halloween theme so that the haunted house appears attractive to the kids coming over. You can either opt for the black spiderweb theme or a scary magical forest with scary monsters around. If you are organizing the party for very young kids, a circus theme is also a good plan as kids can have fun and dress up as circus animals. You can also hold a costume contest to motivate kids for dressing up in exciting costumes.

halloween celebrations at home

5. Decorations-

I asked my little daughter to help me with the Halloween decorations, and her ideas were simply an out-of-the-box. Indulge your kids in giving in their creative inputs, and you can ask to work more on it by bribing with some cookies over there. Get some craft essentials online or through a local shop and start with haunted theme decoration for a perfect night.

6. Make simple snacks-

Kids are not much fond of experimental cooking, and you can reserve it for the latter party. For now, it is better if you give them a chocolate feast along with some cheese sandwiches and pizzas. Make some spooky cheesy faces with small cookie cutters to make the platter enjoyable. You can also prepare some pumpkin-shaped snacks on a basil leaf or over the bread crust. Also, give some snacks to the kids so that they can make some own artistic shapes to enjoy during the party. Ghosty chocolate cookies can be a great idea to increase their excitement for snack time.

7. How about some monstrous munchies? –

Halloween and candies go together to the party and presenting some exciting desserts is always a great idea. However, ask their parents first about the allergies to sugar or candies. Ensure that the little guests are not eating foods that are high in sugar. Combine it with some healthy options like peanut butter or the candy corn.

You can also surprise your kids with a new Halloween twist this year. Rather than organizing big parties, you can keep it a personal affair. How about giving your precious time and changing your dynamics with the children? This can be an excellent option to secure the love and bond with kids to achieve some real parenting goals.

Celebrate the day by giving your children the light on changing seasons, more and less or life and death. Family reunions and creating better equations with children is a great way to enjoy wonderful activities, games, outings and a lot more.

Here are the tips for enjoying Halloween with pro parenting tactics:

Halloween Costumes for kids

  1. Adorn similar costumes- It is not always necessary to buy or make unique spooky costumes for everyone in the house. You never know if your child thinks that you make a better one for yourself and not for them. No one can guess the wildest kids thoughts! Select a theme and prepare the same outfit for the entire family. It can aid in the development of a better connection, and you appear united everywhere.
  2. Relax on a family drive- Keep this Halloween a minivan affair by restricting it to house parties. If you have a big family, plan an exciting, spooky night drive and carry your feast along. Dress in theme costumes and move out to visualize the exciting sounds and sights of Halloween. Sit at some dark places or lakesides and cherish the good old times when less was more. It imbibes the value of togetherness and family strength in small minds who are the keen observers.
  3. Discuss real Halloween- New age kids only know about the tricks and treats of Halloween. They get anxiety on picking the right costumes, dressing right and going to lavish haunted parties throughout the night. But explain them the real crux of Halloween that salutes the saints who martyred away but stay eternal in the hearts of the people. This can be a vital parenting goal that you can achieve on such occasions.
  4. Make some haunted place at the backyard- Fear can connect you better and use the house backyard for a beautiful spooky space to give your kids a Halloween surprise. Blunt knives, dark-colored blankets, red paint, bony skeletons and few tracks of scary music is all you need for that frightening vibe. Ask your close friends and neighbors to join in for the celebrations. Such intimate affairs often create the long-lasting memories that you all can remember for years to come ahead.

Halloween kids costume

Wrap up

Weather is changing is Halloween is on the cards all set to approach you with loads to the spooky festive fun. Prepare some scary stories or collect some haunted movies to enjoy the night with your kids and make some quotes to give it all a personal touch. The night of ghoul can play a big role in nurturing your relationship with the kids and indulge in co-parenting. Your family tie can be a major reason for envy neighbors as well. Get ready for the haunted night!

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