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What Size Diaper Should My Baby Wear? Here’s The Correct Diaper Size By Weight And Age That You Should Follow

Parenthood comes with its own set of challenges and one of them being which is the right diaper size for my kid? Even though it seems like an easy-peasy thing and most of us probably would go as per the age mentioned on the pack, but let me tell you that you are making your first boo-boo over there. So, what should you do? Well, here is the baby diaper sizes chart by weight and age that should guide you to make the right diaper decision.

Types of Diapers

Before we delve into the guide for choosing the right diaper size for your child, let us take you through the types of diapers that are available in the market:

1. Disposable Diapers:

The market is flooded with disposable diaper brands. They come in with a pad that is filled with absorbent chemical and it absorbs from 2-3 times of pee for your child. These are easy to use; baby can wear it like pants/underwear and can be disposed off once they have been used.

2. Cloth Diapers:

Another type of diapers that are now-a-days available in the branded category are the cloth diapers. In India, these were the only kind of diapers which were being used before the western brands of disposable diapers took the Indians by a storm. The cloth diapers need to be changed every time the child soils it and can be washed and reused.

Diaper Brands Available in India

  • Huggies
  • Pampers
  • Mamy Poko Pants
  • Himalaya Herbal Total Care
  • Pigeon
  • Bella Baby
  • Teddy Baby
  • Sunbaby (Cloth Diapers)

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The Ultimate Guide to Diaper Sizes

Well, the first and foremost rule of finding the right diaper for your baby is understanding that diapers should be chosen based on your baby’s weight and not by the age.

The disposable diapers from all brands almost follow a standard size as per the age marked on their packs like preemie, newborn and so forth. These are standard sizes based on the average weight as per the age of the baby. But sometimes, depending on the weight, the right size for the baby might not be the newborn one but the one available in the size for age 1. So, while picking up a diaper pack, do check out the weight that the size would be appropriate for.

As far as hybrid or cloth diapers are concerned, they follow a generic small, medium and large standard sizes. There are many brands that follow a one size fits all policy which makes it difficult to establish the baby diaper sizes chart by age. However, if you are opting for a hybrid or cloth diaper, do consider the weight of the baby and the sizes available across brand and how well would they be able to hold the weight.

Therefore, the first step towards finding the right diaper is to make a decision about whether you would be using a disposable one or a cloth diaper.

Here’s your guide about baby diaper sizes chart by weight for different brands.

Diaper Size Chart by Age & Weight for Huggies

diaper size

Huggies as a brand has worldwide credibility and provides excellent diaper care for your baby. It comes in various varieties like Huggies Little Snugglers, Huggies Sung & Dry, Huggies Sung & Dry Ultra and Huggies Little Movers. For a newborn, you can opt for Huggies Snugglers and move on to Huggies Little Movers as your baby starts moving. Different varieties provide different support for the growing baby.


Weight (in lbs and kilos)


<6 lbs / <0.5 kgs


<10 lbs / <4.5 kgs


                 <14 lbs / <6.50 kgs
                              2                  <14-18 lbs / <6.50 – 8 kgs
                              3                  <18-28 lbs / 8-12 kgs
                              4                  <28-37 lbs / 12-16.5 kgs
                              5                  >30 lbs / 13.5 kgs
                              6                  >35 lbs / up to 16 kgs

Diaper Size Chart by Age & Weight for Pampers

Pampers offers almost similar standard sizes for children as per the other brands but it also has added another offering for older children with a size 7 along with baby diaper size 1 addition.


Weight (in lbs and kilos)


<6 lbs / <0.5 kgs


<10 lbs / <4.5 kgs


<14 lbs / <6.50 kgs


         <14-18 lbs / <6.50 – 8 kgs


 <18-28 lbs / 8-12 kgs


     <28-37 lbs / 12-16.5 kgs


               >30 lbs / 13.5 kgs

                              6 >35 lbs / up to 16 kgs
7               >41 / 18.5 kgs

Diaper Size Chart by Age & Weight for Mamy Poko Pants

Another popular brand that has established itself in the Indian diaper market is Mamy Poko Pants. They have diapers available in S/M/L/XL/XXL sizes. To find out which one would be best for your baby, check out this baby diaper sizes chart by weight.

Diaper Size Weight (in lbs and kilos)
Small (S) 8-17 lbs / 4-8 kgs
Medium (M) 15-26 lbs / 7-12 kgs
Large (L) 19-30 lbs / 9-14 kgs
Extra Large (XL) 26-37 lbs / 12-17 kgs
Extra Extra Large (XXL) 33-55 lbs / 15-25 kgs

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FAQs related to Diapers

diaper size

1. How to choose the right diaper size for my baby?

The right size for your baby depends on the weight of your child and not the age. Most of the brands mention the age on the packs and follow a standard size and weight process. However, depending on the weight of the baby, you can follow the baby diaper size by weight as mentioned above for different brands.

2. Which type of diaper is better for my baby – disposable or cloth diaper?

Well, the kind of diaper that you want to choose for your child depends on the lifestyle and affordability factor. Many people are concerned with the dyes and bleach used in the disposable diaper that can be harmful to your baby. But these dyes and bleaches are used in a very low quantity in disposable diapers, and no study has revealed that they are actually harmful to the baby’s health. Also, a child can go through 5-8 diapers in a day, thus making disposable diapers quite expensive to use. Many families use a mix and match of both. At home, the child can be kept in a cloth diaper but as they grow and while they are being taken out of home, disposable diapers might seem convenient.

3. Do brands offer different types of diapers for baby boy and baby girl?

Yes, some brands do offer different kinds of diapers for baby boy and baby girl.

4. Is there any expiration date on the diapers?

Though there is no expiration date attached to the diapers, you can always reach out to the brand you are using to get the information.

5. How would I know when to change the size of the diaper for my baby?

The size of the diaper you are using depends on the weight of the baby. As the baby grows in size with age, you will need to change the size that you are buying. Here are a few signs you should look for:

  • Make sure that the diaper is not very snugly clinging to the baby’s skin.
  • While removing the diaper, you should look for the red marks around the waist and the thighs. If your baby has outgrown the diaper size, it’s time to one-up the size.
  • You can follow the two-finger rule. When you are changing the diaper, you can check if the baby is comfortable with the size by sliding in two fingers between the diaper and the baby. If you are able to fit the fingers comfortably, the size is right for your child. If not, well, it’s time to go for some diaper shopping.

6. Why do leaks and blowouts happen and how to stop them?

The leaks and blowouts happen when the diaper is either too tight or loose or has not been changed for quite some time.

  • When the diaper is loose, the pee or the poop can leak out from the gaps between the diaper and the skin of the baby.
  • When the diaper is too tight, it is unable to hold the volume of pee or poop, and thus the leaks happen.
  • When you have not changed the diaper for quite some time, it has lost its ability to absorb more liquid and poop.

The only way to stop the leaks and blowouts from happening is to find the right-sized diaper for your baby. Refer to the baby diaper size by weight and age, as mentioned above.

7. How to change my baby’s diaper?

Well, we have created a step-by-step guide for you to learn how to change a diaper. You can check it out here.

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