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How to get your kid to sleep through the night?

There can be many reasons why your kid is waking up through the night and making it difficult for you to get your sleep too. She may be hungry or want the comfort of you holding her. Maybe her sleep patterns are disturbed. Here are ways to help your kid sleep through the night:


  1. Let her body clock set right. Make sure that her daytime feeds are lively and you spend enough time with her through the day and also ensure peace and quiet during the night. She will understand the difference between days and nights.
  2. Let your kid fall asleep on her own. Once your kid is six-weeks old, let her sleep by placing her on her back when she is awake. If you rock her to sleep, she may start depending on it and would want your around every time she wakes up.
  3. Have a consistent bed time routine. Wash her off, get her into clean clothes and place her in her crib at the same time every night to get her adjusted. Once she understands it is time for her to sleep, she will fall asleep at the same time.sleeping
  4. If she starts crying after you put her down, let her cry a little and then go to comfort her. But after every visit, take a bit longer to return. It can be hard to hear your baby cry but this is known as a controlled crying method.
  5. If your baby is six-months old or a bit younger, see if you can get her to sleep while cuddling you. Make sure it is safe for her to sleep in the same bed as you and then lie down and cuddle with her.
  6. If your baby is crying at night wanting a night-time need, share the role of comforting her with your partner. So both of you can get some sleep alternatively. Slowly when your baby stops wanting night-time feed, she will be at rest with your partner as well. And when she knows there is no food involved she might learn to be okay by herself too.
  7. Make sure your kid has comfortable clothes to wear at night. Is her nappy alright? Is she feeling cold? Is the darkness bothering her? Find out what the problem is and you’ll figure out the solutions as well.
  8. Learn not to rush every time she starts crying during the night. If you are spending all day with her and leaving her all alone in the night, it might be hard for her to get used to it. So let her spend some time alone during day time as well.sleeping

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