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How To Raise A Self-Disciplined Child?

Raising a child is in itself a hard-task. But if you need to discipline them again and again, it can be quite daunting. Here are some things you can do to make your life easier by raising a self-disciplined child:

1. Talk To Your Children About Expectations

Children hate being lectured since they believe you are talking down to them. But if you lay some ground rules and tell them how important it is for them to follow it while they are home, they will obey. No need to bribe or threaten, just see where it goes from talking. Like, teach them what time they need to go to bed every day.

2. Teach Them What Needs To Be Taught


Children do not know how to behave in public and whether it needs to be different than how they behave at home. Teach them not to yell and come talk to you in private if they need something. Teach them how to greet elders and youngers and get them in the habit of talking by coming close instead of yelling.

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3. Explain The Reason Behind Things

If you are asking something of your child, explain the reason for it so they understand the simple explanation. If you are too tired to do the dishes, tell them that you are tired from work. If they do not go to bed early, tell them that they must do it so their body and mind relax and they do not feel lazy the next day and are full of energy to play with.

4. Positive Behavior


Inculcate positive behaviour and a listening habit in kids. Children often get offended when they are corrected or interrupted. They must be taught why it is important to listen to what the elder has to say and how important it is to stay calm and have good manners. Help develop a good attitude.

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5. Lead by example

Kids learn more by action than words so if you are teaching self-discipline to your kid, follow it yourself so they have someone to look up to and adopt the same behaviour.

6. Self-Discipline Activities

self discipline

Let them participate in activities that will help them get self-disciplined like music, football classes, learning scripts etc. Once the kid starts engaging in these activities, he will try to keep up a routine and learn the importance of time.

Teaching self-discipline can be hard but learn to be patient. If you have to repeat some things, come with elaborate explanations and spend more time with your kid to try to shape a better attitude, do so.

Shalini Jatav
Shalini Jatav
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