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Dealing with Children’s Fears and Phobias

Every child has some or other phobias and fears. Some can be categorised as normal while others are not. Fears and phobias are part of life if tackled at the very beginning than can be easily driven away.

But as the child grows so does the fear grows with them. It’s the duty of parents to let their children overcome it and grow fearlessly. Darkness, being alone, injections (which even my child fears the most), spiders, dogs, hospitals, etc.

This clouds up in their mind and that’s where parents need to step in and treat their fears properly.

Inspire them through their Favourite Role Model

Favourite Role Model

There’s always a person whom your child looks up to. No not from your family. It can either be a celebrity or their teacher. Make them their role model and show them how brave they are. This leaves an everlasting impact on your child. If he/she fears the darkness, animals or anything else, lead them through examples of their role models and see the change yourself!

Let them take Control


Let me give you an example. If your child fears night and thinks someone will break into the house, make sure they are locking the doors and windows themselves. This way they will be assured of safety and know about their night-time responsibilities.

Listen and Answer them Diligently


Listen to everything they say. These might help you to know about their phobias and you can easily work to overcome them. You can go in-deep and acknowledge where are they coming from. This will make your task easier to uproot them completely.

Direct them by being an Example


Be an example to let them live bravely through their fears. If your child fears heights than take them to the terrace and teach them how safe it is. Teach them to stay away from the walls or lean from them. This way they can be safe. Do bungee jumping and show them what is the correct and safest way.

Encourage and Appreciate them

Encourage and Appreciate

Your child needs the motivation to perform the task. Whenever they take a step always appreciate them for that or reward them for the step taken. You can even give them a personalised certificate to let them know how many achievements they have had in life. It is important to praise their efforts and encourage them to take little steps which one day turn into something big.

Driving away their fears and phobias can prove out to be very effective as it will go a very long way towards building their confidence and overcoming their fears. Break the bubble and let them step out of their comfort zone.

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