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How to teach your child Good Touch and Bad Touch?

Newspapers each day have a column highlighting news about sexual abuse taking place in our society. Not only teen girls or women are facing this gross atrocity but also girl child born to 12 years of age are all being forced to become part of this horror.

As they say “Parents are child’s first and most important teachers”. True that! Mother and father are equally responsible to educate a child about good touch and bad touch.

Let’s dig into 3 points on “How to teach children about a good or bad touch”:

Also, parents who are unaware about that such a learning exists then yes it does! Get educated and help your child live a protected and happy life.

1.Empower them to say NO


Is your child aware about what private parts are? You can with the help of good touch bad touch posters or good touch bad touch images, make a child learn and understand about it. Parents must keep their lines of communication open and stress free.

2.Good Touch Bad Touch Books

Good Touch Bad Touch Books

Reading a bedtime book with your child is most connecting and happy moment in a mother’s life. Next time you go to a bookstore, pick out the one about human body, i.e. human organs, skeleton and more. This will increase his/her knowledge as well as you can teach them safety rules too!

3.Swimsuits are the new rule

Teachers are second parents to the child. Good touch bad touch program in school help child learn about safe and unsafe touches. When a child wears a swimsuit, they must be taught that the private area should always be covered and no one shall be allowed to touch it.

With increase in inhuman cruelty each day of sexual harassment and sexual abuses, it has become duty of elders to make a child aware of such from the initial stage of their growing and learning.

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