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Is your Child Unmotivated?

It is a common complaint of every parent that their children are not at all motivated to do anything and behave lazily in everything they do. Lack of Motivation among children often lead to disastrous effects and may also harm their abilities to achieve great things in life.

Children are not always lazy. Sometimes they may be frustrated and feel demoralized, anxious or angry because of which they may have become disobedient, pessimistic and lack the confidence while doing something. The misapprehension that kids are lazy is one of the most common and most negative thoughts about your children. Learn and study your child’s behaviour and moods carefully for framing a perfect picture of his/her demotivation to do anything.

Only then you can treat their condition and help them more deeply!

What really arouses the interest of your child?

Here is your complete guidebook to understand your child and help them accordingly.

1.Learn about his/her areas of interest and work on them


Every child is special and has some or other area of interest. Some children love to read books and gain knowledge of the universe and some prefer practicing their favorite sports and many loves to do both. As a parent, we need to keenly observe and understand what they desire to master in. Then start by making them learn and acing their talent and skills.

2. Acknowledge yourself about who your child admires the most


Children always adore someone and have a soft corner in their heart to someday become like them and to earn the respect of the people they admire. Many times, we overlook this aspect of children’s motivation and emotional development. I believe, to consider our idealization in the eyes of our children, as to how children look up to us and how we remain for our children throughout their life is most important. Set an example for your child!

3. Encourage him/her in everything they do, yes, even if it is the incorrect way


When your child is doing anything, firstly encourage them, as studies have shown that motivation instigates their morale to do things and makes them feel special. Never bluntly say your child is wrong, instead of practice using words such as ‘I appreciate the way you did it, but it can be done in other ways as well’. This type of statements will strengthen your bond with your children and he/she will always look up to you for everything they do.

For experiencing a positive change in your child, be that change yourself!

4.Reward them for their every achievement

school boy receiving a trophy in classroom
elementary school boy receiving a trophy in classroom with teachers and classmate

This is not the perfect way but children when rewarded, even, for their small kind acts and practices, feel enthused to do more such things. Never tell them it is easy and can be done by anyone, instead give them a treat or a gift to value their actions taken. By this way, they feel valued and recognized.

5. Schedule their to-do daily projects and tasks


Motivation starts with the interest. It leads to exploration and learning which can be taught by assigning them different projects and tasks on a daily basis. Children consider projects as their ambitions and goals. Like all of us, children also want to do what they are “good at”. They want to shine and let us feel proud of them.

Never argue with your children because when we argue with them, we give them power. Focus on making that behaviour powerless and give them situations for which they will be accountable.

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