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Engage Your Child with These Educational and Best Learning Apps for Kids

Quarantine has changed the course of our lives, more so for our children. With most of their learning occurring online these days, children are spending more and more time on their computers and laptops. Though in a pre-corona virus era, any parent would’ve made a fuss about their children getting too much screen time, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that electronic devices like laptops and cell phones have become an integral part of our lives. With kids getting so much screen time, it would be a right step for them to use it to learn and explore new things. Here is our list of best learning apps for kids that would help them become masters of the universe of learning.

1. Khan Academy Kids

khan academy
Source: Khan Academy Kids

Launched with a vision to revolutionize the educational landscape, Khan Academy has been designed for both teachers and students. The mission of the app is to provide education to everyone anytime, anywhere. The app has over 4000 videos which can be streamed anytime or downloaded to be seen offline, as per convenience. It covers subjects like mathematics, grammar, social studies, science, history, economics and more. For our little ones, there is Khan Academy Kids. The app helps them with language, reading, writing while developing several important social-emotional, motor and problem-solving skills. The tiny tots learn in a personalized way at their own pace but with the help of this app, they also develop emotional and physical creative expression as they learn with the help of amazing, whimsical characters.

2. Duolingo

Source: Reddit

In a fast-growing world where the global boundaries are blurring every day, it has become imperative that our kids know more than one language. Indian kids invariably know two languages but gaining knowledge of a global language can add significantly to their college application, especially if they are planning to study abroad. Learning a new language is pretty easy when kids are in their formative years. Duolingo was designed to make learning foreign languages more easily. The app is interactive and makes learning fun and easy. You can learn English, Irish, Spanish, Danish and many more languages of the world. The app starts your learning with some labelling games followed by more interactive activities to strengthen your vocabulary. You can set daily learning goals and track your progress with practice tests.

3. Prodigy

Many of us struggle to learn mathematics, which is why Prodigy is here to make mathematics fun, interactive and most importantly, easy-peasy! What’s more? It is like a kid’s game app where the learning is set up like a fantasy-world of a gaming console and covers topics for beginners till eighth grade. The app sets at testing their knowledge of the concepts and with each correct answer, kids earn spells which they can use to move forward in the fantasy-world video quest by fighting monsters. The basic version of the app is free and the premium version is available with a subscription.

4. Photomath

Learning App for Kids- Photomath App
Source: 5 minutes for mom

One of the best learning apps for kids available across the internet to solve mathematical problems is Photomath, especially for kids in higher grades. To get the answer to any mathematical problem, all you have to do is take a picture of the problem on Photomath and with the use of augmented reality; the solution to the problem will appear magically. The app would also take you through the step-by-step approach to get the answer to the problem, thus helping you tackle hard obstacles. Because of the simplicity of usage and learning, many statisticians have approved Photomath as one of the best mathematics learning tools available in today’s times. Some of the amazing features available on the app are:

  • Easily scan printed or handwritten problems
  • Step-by-step instructions on solving the problem
  • Learn multiple solving methods
  • Animated instruction and interactive graphs
  • Scientific calculator
  • No need for internet

5. Quizlet

Another app making learning fun and interactive is Quizlet. Full of flashcards, memory games, interactive videos and quizzes, Quizlet is a kid’s game app that makes learning fun and effortless. Using flashcards can increase your active recall which is the process of actively stimulating your brain to find associations with the words and pictures which enhances your learning abilities and thus, your knowledge. From practice tests to study sets for your standardized exams, from custom images and audio to reminders for learning progress, Quizlet is a must-use learning app for kids.


Develop the scientific temper in your child with the official NASA app. The app provides access to NASA TV Live, over 16,000 images and 2D and 3D models of Earth. The kids can learn more about the solar system in a very stimulating and real way.

7. Science 360

Another kid’s game app to progress your child’s love for science, Science360 provides high-quality images, videos, new research and 3D models of experiments. The kids can interactively learn any theory and find their perspective about things.

Age-Wise Learning Apps

Learning Apps for Infants (age 0 to 11 months)

You can start teaching rhymes and words to your baby using apps like my baby’s first words, Storybook Rhymes by ChuChu TV, Nursery Rhymes or English Nursery Rhymes. A lot of free learning material and rhymes are available on YouTube as well.

Learning Apps for Toddlers (age 3 to 5 years)

Toddlers Friendly Educational App
Source: Mother & baby

Set your toddlers towards success with learning apps like 123 Numbers, ABC Kids, Tiny Learner, Kids Doodle and Shapes. These interactive learning apps help them play and learn simultaneously while developing their learning and motor skills.

Learning Apps for Kindergarten Kids (age 3 to 5 years)

As soon as your kid starts going to school, you can help them explore new learning avenues with interactive and stimulating activities and games with apps like Kindergarten Kids Learning, Spelling Bee, Kindergarten Math and Reading and Touch and Write.

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