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6 Step Process for emotional-coaching when your child is upset

It is necessary to give emotional coaching to children so as to react to their emotions in a better and healthier way. Confused as to how to do this?

Even I was in the first place. But eventually, I had learnt to control not only my emotions but guide my child to overcome it. Not only teaching him to tie his/her shoelace important though, it is equally important to make them acknowledge their feelings too.

Follow this 6-step process for emotional-coaching when your child is too upset or crying:

STEP 1 – Understand you’re as well your child’s emotions

emotional-coaching when your child is upset

Observe and listen carefully as to how your child expresses his or her emotions. Besides, also make yourself comfortable with the child being emotional, as it is an inevitable part of your life. Focus, learn, act and teach! A quick way to tune into your child’s emotions and feelings of your own.

STEP 2 – Build an emotional connect with your Child

emotional-coaching when your child is upset

Make sure you never neglect them when they are emotional. Instead, take it as an opportunity to guide them that their emotions are okay to build-up and they need to stay calm even in their time of anger. Let them know that misbehavior is never an option, anytime in life.

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STEP 3 – Respect his/her feelings and avoid Judging

emotional-coaching when your child is upset

Respecting and understanding the child at every step process is very important. Show them that your care. Never in your life make a mistake of criticizing their emotions and respecting them for who they are. This infuses a sense of respect in them too!

 STEP 4 – Set an Emotions Vocabulary

emotional-coaching when your child is upset

Now, it might seem funny, but it very important to give the names to their emotions which they will easily remember and try to act that way. This might soothe kids in a better way. Giving them different names and not guiding them as to how they should feel is where you ace the situation brilliantly.

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STEP 5 – Deepen the Conversation to help your Child

emotional-coaching when your child is upset

Offer support, have an in-depth communication, validate your child’s emotion or simply invite your child to tell you more. Remember validation doesn’t necessarily mean you agree, it is just that you understand why your child would feel this way. Talking can prove out to be the best thing, during which you may have tears in your eyes or even feel heart-breaking, but let it flow freely. This way even your child will understand how concerned you are and will understand everything you say.

STEP 6 – Suggest Solutions

emotional-coaching when your child is upset

After you have understood what is the reason behind and what makes him/her react this way, give them solutions to act upon. Instead, do one thing, just let them brainstorm and understand themselves what would be best for them. When you give direct solution, they tend to neglect them. Ask him/her whether the need to practice such a thing or they have a better way!

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