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5 Most Interesting Indoor Activities For Teenagers

There are a plenty of indoor activities that you can play with teenagers. In the list that we have complied we have tried to give you some ideas that are new and not so common. These are basically all the creative games that are going to keep teenagers engaged. In most of these games, you can enjoy if you have at last 6-10 people participating. These activities are also known to improve the creativity of children.

1. Police and suspects

Police Suspect Game

In this game you need to divide the kids into 2 groups. One group acts as a team of police while other is a gang of suspects. You need to give them a scenario where there has been a robbery in some shop or apartment nearby. Having given them the scenario you need to make them sit in separate room and give them 10 minutes to discuss. In these 10 minutes while police needs to come up with a list of questions that they will ask the suspects individually, the suspects need to come up with a creative story as to why they were together when this happened, what they were doing etc just to be on the same page. Once the time is over, the team of police calls suspects one by one and interrogates them. In case police finds flaw in the story and the facts that are not matching then police wins but in case suspects leave no vent for suspicion they win.

2. Who am I


In this game you need to make chits and put these inside a bowl and ask each person in the room to come in front and select one chit. On these chits you are supposed to write the name of famous personalities. The person who draws the chit is not supposed to see what is written on it. He simply needs to display it to others in the room. Now it is his time to figure out the name that is written on the chit. To do so, he has the authority to ask questions from other people but the others in the room are not allowed to say sentences but just yes or no. For example, the candidate can ask, Am I a singer and the others respond either yes or no. the person who takes the least time to get the answer wins the game.

3. What would I do if I were you?

In this game, one person in the room is chosen and sent out of the room. Rest of the people create a situation for him and asks him to come back to the room. Now the player needs to figure out the situation by asking others in the room to give him hints. However, he needs to ask one by one each person in the room, “What would I do in this situation if I were you…?” The trick is that the participants give him the answer to this question that must be reasonable and not false but in a way that the player does not figure out the situation. In case your hint makes him know the answer, you are the one to go out of the room next. For instance, the situation is that I have lost the key, to this hints can be as follows: I would take help from the landlord, I would sit in the cafe, I would wait for my husband etc but not I will go to get another key made.

4. Taboo

In this game one person comes up in the front draws a chit from a bowl and rest of him team members are supposed to give him hints as to what is written on the chit. However, before dividing the team there ought to be a coordinator who gets the duty of writing few words on the board that are considered taboo and are not supposed to be used while giving the hints. For example, chit drawn says banana and the taboo words are fruit and yellow, except these two words team members can give any hints.

5. Pictionary


This is probably one game that all of us are aware about. Simply one of the person needs to draw a chit from the bowl and these using board and marker, draw the word written on the chit on the board and keep amending it without saying a word till his team members do not get the word. The team that takes less time wins.

Most of these games require you to form teams so it is important that one of the person present in the room volunteers to be the coordinator. The coordinator plays an important role of letting the game commence, progress and end in peace.

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Amanda Smith
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