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How To Teach Your Son To Respect Girls

If you ever see your son misbehaving with a girl, being rude, acting entitled or pushing her into doing something unnecessarily, you know it is time for you to impart some important lessons about respect girls. Perhaps at a young age, it might not seem as important since children can be a bit harsh without meaning to, but it must ring alarm bells because if you ignore small things, they become bigger over the years.

There are many things that should be kept in mind while you teach your son why it is important to respect girls and how they should go about it. Firstly, that your child observes what happens around them and follows. So, many habits get inculcated through the surroundings. They may have seen other men disrespecting women or their own father disrespecting their mother and learnt that it was an acceptable behaviour. So here are things you must do:

Here are 5 lessons for my sons to learn to respect girls:

1. Teach Them Politeness:

Many men shout at their siblings, spouses or at other women. When kids get exposed to such kind of environment, they believe it to be normal. They will feel as if they are entitled to better treatment and can scold girls and mistreat them. But you must tell them why it is important for them to be polite and that the behaviour they see is not of a gentleman and that is who they should aspire to be.

2. Media:

 https://www.lovingparents.in/kids/kids-5-12-years/how-to-teach-your-son-to-respect-girls/Movies, TV Shows, Books that are filled with violence, misogyny or stereotypical female characters can shape their thinking. They may behave the same way as a male character in these movies and books which can sometimes be disrespectful and even violent. You must try to keep your child away from such content and even if exposed, they must learn to differentiate fiction from reality.

3. Teach Them About Being A Gentleman:

 https://www.lovingparents.in/kids/kids-5-12-years/how-to-teach-your-son-to-respect-girls/A son who grows up to respect his mother and sister will also respect other girls around him. So teach him chivalry at a young age and how he should talk to girls, behave with them and be kind to them.

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4. Indulge Him In Household Chores:


Cleaning, helping in the kitchen, arranging their cupboard, doing their own laundry should not be something that they feel ashamed of as if it is not their work. Your son should be made a part of household chores so they learn that it is not a woman’s job. This will also help them in respecting woman, knowing how hard the chores are and then he will be helping in doing them.

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5.Private Space:

Teach your son that the way they have things they like and don’t like, girls do too. If they want others to respect their private space, girls have an equal right too. And teach them never to push another’s boundaries.

Shalini Jatav
Shalini Jatav
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