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Is Self-Talk In Kids Normal?

As parents we come across situations where we find our kid interacting to himself. Now it is hard to determine if they are actually talking to themselves or they have some sort of an imaginary audience created. The question is, Is Self-Talk In Kids Normal? If yes, then the debate ends here and if not then we have a lot to discuss as well as worry.

Self-talk is common

self talk

It is believed that it is common for the young kids to interact aloud to themselves and there is no need to quote it either being weird or any sort of a negative gesture. Ideally, this sort of self-talk is said to occur in children who are in the age group of 3 years to 5 years and in some cases even beyond.

Reasons for self-talk

self talk

Children are filled with curiosity to explore things around them apart from the curiosity to practice language that they are learning in a way similar to practicing walking. So, if self-crawling among children is considered normal then what is the need to worry over self-talks? By indulging in self-talks they are just being their own guide without worrying if they are actually guiding themselves right or wrong.

Benefits of self-talk

self talk

As a parent, this self-talk can be an asset for you as there are a lot of benefits to these. First and foremost, it helps you get an insight into the mind and thinking of your child, his fears and his emotions. It gives you an opportunity to understand the children’s self-regulation and their motivation. Secondly, it further helps you to control the behavior as well as the emotions of your child this way if you think that it is required. Lastly, it helps the child with the development of their emotions as well as intellect.

All in all, this is an answer to, Is Self-Talk In Kids Normal? You should not try to stifle the self-talk of your kid as it helps in his development. You can, however, control this by engaging in role-playing. It is noticed that children who get fewer chances to speak in the presence of real audiences, tend to engage excessively in self-talk which you as a parent need to control by giving them more time. Though self-talking is normal in kids you should still pay attention to your kid so that he does not get indulged in this excessively.

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