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Safety rules at school for kids

The children school is meant to be a safe place for children to gain not only knowledge but also social skills. But with increased violence, The children’s school are no longer remaining safety for kids. Safety rules for kids in schools Is a big concern for parents who want to protect their children from all harm.

Safety rules for kids at school:Safety rules

1.Your child should be able to contact you

In case of any problems, you child must be able to get in touch with you. Help your child in memorising details like your phone number, home phone number, their full name, their address and they must also know how to operate a mobile phone. Give your full contact details as emergency contact at the school and ensure that your child kids knows that in case of any emergency they must contact an adult.

2. Be alert

While choosing the children school, ensure the security of the campus but also teach your child to be careful and alert. He should know that he should not be leaving the school premises alone or without an adult. Even if you are late to pick them up, they should wait at a safe place.

3. Always be Informed on Trips

Stay aware of the children school trips and be in touch with the teacher or the person in-charge of the field trip.

4. Memorize Routes

While taking the children school and back, you should help your children in identifying the landmarks so he/she may memorize the route. You should also point out the safe places which they might use in case there is an emergency. Teach your child to avoid dark alleys or shortcut areas which are abandoned or isolated. They should also know which bus they can take from school to get home.

5. Awareness of Allergies

The school must be aware of your child’s allergies and do ensure that you keep an epipen with your kid along with a card detailing the allergies which can come in handy.

6. Emergency Procedure

Ensure that the school has a proper plan for emergencies and carries out training drills to prepare the children. Whether it is fire drill or any other emergency, the children must be taught how they can evacuate the premises quickly.

7. Stranger Danger

Safety rules

Teach your kid to avoid strangers even if they might look like an teacher. Unless they are someone who takes their classes or whom they recognize on school from a daily basis, they should avoid all contacts. Tell them to be aware and not go along with any stranger who offers them food.

8. Say no to Bullying

Safety rules

Whether your child is being bullied or is the one doing the bullying you must teach them how wrong it is. They must learn that it is something intolerable.

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