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Impact Of TV On Children

Children are getting more and more involved in Television these days and while it can be a magical experience to witness a virtual reality through television, it can also be a cause of concern for the parents. Since children spend a lot of time watching TV, parents must keep an eye on their watching patterns and taste. What type of TV shows are they watching? Is it age-appropriate? Are they spending too much time watching TV and becoming screen-addict?

TV has both positive and negative impact on Children. Some pros include:

1. Entertainment

kids entertainment

From Doraemon to Chota Bheem, TV keeps your child entertained for a lot of time. It can improve their imagination and teach them many human characteristics. They will learn to understand emotions better, and how to tackle certain problems. With quizzes and other feel-good shows, you child can keep their mind engaged as well as remain happy.

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2. Educationkids education

Educational shows are very important for a child since they generate curiosity, impart knowledge and help the child in developing a thirst for knowing more. Educational Tv programs make learning fun and make science, math and such topics easier to understand.

3. Learn about Cultures

If your child is into travelling, he can learn about various cultures of different people in the world through Tv shows based on travel and culture. It also helps enhance their social skills.

But while there may be many positives, the negatives aren’t less either:

1. Steals Time

Since Television can be quite alluring, children tend to waste a lot of time watching Tv shows while they could be exploring the world, learning new things or doing something productive.

2. Couch Potato

Television does turn a person lazy since if your child spends a lot of time watching television, they would get used to this passive activity and thus become a couch potato who does not like doing many physical activities.

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3. Lack of Focus

Kids who spend more time on television lack focus when in academic environment. They develop a low attention span and this fall back in school and sports. The children become passive and do not wish to engage in crafts either.

4. Obesity

obesity tv

The last time you saw your kid, did you notice them eating snacks alongside and being so immersed in a show that they do not move from the same position for hours. Well this lack of physical activity is bad for their health and can transition them into being obese at a young age. Obesity may further cause health problems in children.

5. Negative Behaviour

Depending on the kind of television that your child is watching, they may also start showing aggressive and violent behaviour.

Sneha Bisht
Sneha Bisht
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