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White Lies That Will Save Your Relationship

Honesty in relationships is important but sometimes white lies can help save and strengthen your relationship. Unless the lie is regarding something important or a big blunder, you can always sneak in a lie to ensure that your relations with your husband remain peachy.

It is true that truth and transparency is important but sometimes the truth can be a double-edged sword. Instead of telling your husband how much you hate some of their habits, if you just say it makes them look embarrassing, it is a white lie that will save you both a great deal of trouble.

Is it okay for you to lie to your husband? Not always. But here are some white-lies you can tell:

1. This gift is so thoughtful


If your husband forgot your birthday and anniversary and has gotten a last minute gift to save himself from your wrath, then he is already feeling guilty enough without you making him feel ashamed. Saying how much you like the gift, even if you don’t can convey that you care about them more than the gesture. And even if they do remember and get you a gift you don’t like, still be thankful.

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2. We should invite your mom to dinner. I’ll learn some cooking from her.


Your husband’s mom can be a topic for quarrels quite often which is why it is okay to lie and praise her every once in a while. Since your husband loves their cooking over yours, praising her cooking skills can keep a lot of peace in your marital relationship.

3. Hot friend? Which one?

Even if your husband does not show, in front of some of their hot friends, they feel insecure. The best way around this is to feign ignorance. Even if the friend is drool-worthy, you need not make your husband jealous as it will only create a strained relationship.

4. Come back quickly, I’ll miss you

Saying that you miss them even when you have been waiting for them to leave with the kids so you can relax and get some me-time can help make your bond stronger. There’s no harm in keeping your feelings to yourself and letting them feel that you need them around “always”.

5. I Have a Terrible Headache

This one is an age-old white lie that has been in use forever. You have had a tiring day and do not feel like being intimate. Instead, you just want to get some sleep but saying so might make your husband feel that you do not want them around. So instead, lie about a headache and get your sleep. You can always make up for it in the morning or afterwards.

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