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Teach your kids ways to adopt a healthy lifestyle

Getting your kids to learn some good habits is one of the most grueling tasks for all parents. And surprisingly your kid will learn bad habits out of nowhere. Instilling a healthy lifestyle for your child in this modern world where junk food and unhealthy practices are the norm, is nothing short of a nightmare. But there are some easy ways where you can easily make your kid adapt the healthy choice.

Lead by example

Lead by example

Children love copying their parents as it makes them feel more connected to you; use this to your advantage. If you want to limit your kid’s TV time then you need to make sure that you are also limiting your hours. You need to show them that they are not alone in following all the rules. Make a common set of rules for yourself and your kid and follow them and see how your kid will take to you.

Involve them

Involve them

If you want your kid to grow up and be an independent individual then actively involve them in all housework and chores. Teach them how to make a basic sandwich and how to unload the dishwasher and take turns doing household chores. Make sure that you sit together and eat at least one meal together as a family.

Focus on extra-curricular activities

extra-curricular activities

Enroll your kid to all kinds of extra-curricular activities. Apart from studies make your kid participate in sports and other activities. This will give your kid an opportunity to explore their interests and at the same time make new kids and learn new things.

Eliminate junk food from your house

junk food

Opt for healthier snacks and stack your fridge with seasonal fruits. If your kid won’t have access to junk food inside the house, they are not likely to develop a taste for it. Make sure that you have a lot of healthy snacks like nuts, dry fruits, sprouted beans and many more. Also stop buying soda in order to promote your child’s water intake.

Limit screen time

Limit screen time

Spending time in front of the TV or playing games online is one of the biggest reasons of kids getting obese these days. Make a time chart for the screen time your kid gets, allot it among TV, video games and smart phone use so that your kid knows their limit and follow the chart. At the same time plan indoor as well as outdoor activities for them so that they don’t make excuses of having nothing to do and going back to the TV or their video games. Buy board games and plan family game nights to keep them engrossed.

Small kids have a lot of energy and it is your responsibility that you make sure that their energy is being directed in the right place. You should expose them to the right atmosphere and keep them mentally as well as physically active in order to hone their skills.

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