Tips to make chores fun for the kids


All kids hate doing house chores unless you can turn the activity into something fun that they can enjoy. Here’s how

1. Make them compete:

Make them compete

If you have more than one kid, this can work the best. Divide up chores, give them fun nicknames and see who gets the chores done first. Keep motivating them in your cheerleader’s voice and make occasional announcements, regarding updates of how the chore is getting done. “And the plates have been put into the dishwasher, well played.”

2.Time them:

Time them

When you are making someone young do the chore, help them. Set a stopwatch and work together to see how fast you can clean up the toys. Instruct them while doing the chore. “I’ll take the animals, you take the cars.” Note down the time and try beating it next time.

3. Make it into a sport:

Make it into a sport

You and your child can play cleaning sports like Hamber Basketball. Pick up pieces of clothing and toss them into the laundry basket.

4. Turn into an animal:

Weird as it may sound, it is actually fun for kids activity to do, if you can be creative and clever. Ask your child, how a bear would pick up the toys or how a monkey would clean the shelf. Watch them act the same way and avoid picking any slow animals.

5.Race mom:

Race mom

Give a chore to your kids and see who can do it faster, them or the chore you are doing. Set up a prize for them and for yourself too. Let them compete with you and, occasionally, let them win. But do not give away the prizes until both chores are complete.

6. Use playful limitations:

Use playful limitations

The repetition can chores can often get boring and monotonous. In such a scenario, up the game by using limitations. Tell your kid, they cannot use their left arm while doing it. Or they have to do it without saying a word. How would they clean the room while hopping on one leg? These limitations can often motivate the kids as they feel that making the chore harder has made it into something they have to accomplish. Since it is challenging, they want to master the challenge.

7. Award them

Award them

Make a checklist of the chores you want your kid to do. When they finish it, help them put a sticker in front of their name and in front of the particular chore. When they are done for the week, treat them to ice-cream with “Best Cleaner of the week” award or “Best Helper of the week” award.

Don’t just ask them to do chores, also put in fun breaks with snacks and lemonade so they learn to enjoy it.

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