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Funny Things About Parenting

Most of the times, people tell you their good and bad experiences at parenting. However, there are very few parents who actually highlight the humour that is associated with parenting. This is so because most of the parents themselves are not aware about the funny things they do in mundane life while parenting. Here we are going to shed light on these fumy aspects that are related to parenting.

Begging the baby to sleep

kids playing

Parenting is surely fun and exciting initially but as the days go by, you begin to get exhausted by the efforts that you are required to keep putting in to be a good parent. One of the funny things that relate to this exhaustion about parenting is that most of the parents wait for the moment their kid falls asleep so that they can also take some rest. They try to put in all the efforts to keep the baby sleeping peacefully and as soon as the baby gets up they rush to put the baby to sleep again.

Messy home is normal


It is funny to see how people tend to dwell their lives around the clause of cleanliness and having each and everything in order at house. This myth comes to an end when children begin to crawl. With sleep that is accompanied by constant noises in the backdrop, there is no corner in the house where you fail to spot toys or other playing stuff. The humour is that couple who was earlier particular about having everything in order at home, now as parents are comfortable with the mess all around.

Overwhelming personality

People who are earlier very secretive about their stuff suddenly become open once they have those tiny feet in their home. Parents are the same people who before having kids find other people showing off their kids pictures to their annoying but when they become parents they do not find showing their toddlers cute pictures to even a stranger annoying. This is wired but then this is funny. They suddenly develop this annoyingly funny habit and they are not even aware about the same.

To wrap up, with this we have made you all aware about the humorous side of being parents. There are several other things that parents do while up bringing their children least realizing how funny but cute they appear while doing so.

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