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Taking care of stray animals is our prime responsibility

How would you feel if you had no name, no voice, and no home? Unsafe, right! Then why are we humans ill-treating these nameless and voiceless creatures? Not only is this unpredictable weather concern for stray animals but evil human behavior, untreated medical problems, no home to live, thirst and starvation adds up to all of it.

Animals are the most generous and trustworthy creation of almighty. Just recently all the celebs and great personalities came forward in support of a cruel act that took place in a society of Mumbai, Maharashtra.

A stray dog entered society and reached its first floor. A man, too proud of himself, in rage, asked the society keepers to beat the dog till he got helpless. It was very cruel some and heart-wrenching act to see how that dog was injured and was fighting for his own life. Helpless he lay there until someone came and rescued him. He was later treated by veterinarians.

Why do we humans think we own this planet? No, we don’t. This planet is to be shared with every creation of God. Animals have equal rights and also are true owners of this planet. Without caring what others are doing, even we ourselves and teach our children these 5 tips on how to take care of stray animals, we can definitely make this society a better place for them as well.

Give them Food to Eat and Water to Drink


This is the least of what we could do for them. Being blessed with a roof and food to fill our stomach, we very well know how it feels to get no food. Just a packet of biscuits for dog or milk for the cat or cook a roti for stray animals. It will keep them filled and energetic throughout the day. They won’t get ill or catch diseases as well. Fill a bowl of water and keep outside your house. And seriously such kind acts will never be forgotten by them.

Take an ill animal to a Veterinarian


Whenever you see any ill or injured animal immediately take him or call for a veterinarian to treat him out. Various policies by govt. and NGOs also have been set-up especially for sick animals and their treatments. Your one call can save a life. They need your help, don’t neglect them.

Educate your friends and family


Whenever you see someone hurting or teasing a stray animal then don’t become a part of it, instead, stop them right away and ask them to be kind towards this speechless creature.

Collect money for them and can Donate it for stray animals


You can collect money by organising a small get-together, a paid show or just by asking it from your college or school mates to help you out. Never force anyone. Let them donate as much they want from their heart. In this way, you can protect many stray animals and also give them a blissful life.

Volunteer at the animal shelter home


There might be various animal shelter homes in your city or area. Taking food, covers and other things you wish, for them. You can help the shelter home in feeding and cleaning them and also you can play with them.

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