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Most Effective Tips To Deal With 5 Most Common Eye Diseases In Kids

There are plenty of eye conditions as well as diseases that have the potential to impact the vision of your child. This implies that it is very important for you as parents to take care of your child’s eyes so that he does not have to suffer any problem. Even a minor looking eye issue can take a toll on the vision of your child if you neglect the initial symptoms and indicators of the eye problems. Here we are with some of the most common eye problems in kids and the ways to prevent them.

1. Amblyopia

Eye Diseases

This is one of the most common eye problems that children suffer from. Amblyopia basically implies poor vision where the eye normally does not develop the normal sight during the early childhood. At times, people usually call this condition as a “lazy eye.” It usually occurs when the visual acuity is comparatively better in one eye than other. It can result from strabismus, that is, misaligned eyes.

Tips to deal with Amblyopia

In case you feel that your child is suffering from this condition then you immediately need to refer a doctor and get your child examined by the ophthalmologist.

2. Conjunctivitis

Eye Diseases

Another common eye issue among kids is conjunctivitis. Conjunctivitis usually refers to some kind of a viral or a bacterial infection and both of these are really very contagious. At ties, it can be simply an allergic reaction that is not very contagious. During this condition, the eyes either appear red or pink owing to the inflammation of conjunctiva, which is a thin, filmy membrane covering inside of the eyelids as well as the white part of the eye. The eye is not only teary but also very itchy. It might be accompanied by fever and sore throat in a child.

Tips to deal with Conjunctivitis

First and foremost you need to keep your child home so that other kids do not get infected. Usually this condition resolves itself within three to around seven days. As soon as the tears stop or the kid stops having itchy eyes, you can allow your kid to go to school.

3. Preseptal or Orbital Cellulitis

Eye Diseases

Preseptal or Orbital Cellulitis is another problem on the list that must nt be ignored in any case. Orbital Cellulitis is primarily an infection that is related to trauma or to an upper respiratory infection. Apart from this, it also finds association with the eyelid infection. In this condition the tissues around the baby’s eye appear red as well as painfully swollen. It is usually at the eye that is swollen shut. Not only can this cause fever in a child but can also result in decreased vision or an inability to move your eye. Also, the appearance of the eye might get pushed forward.

Tips to deal with Preseptal or Orbital Cellulitis

This is an eye condition that requires the assistance of the doctor as soon as it is discovered. You must immediately take the child to the primary care doctor. The doctor then co-manages the child’s treatment with the ophthalmologist to get the best results.

4. Blocked Tear Duct

Eye Diseases

A blocked tear duct is an eye problem where the drainage system of the eyes gets partially or completely obstructed. This means that tears are unable to find a way to drain normally which results in watery eyes and becomes a cause of irritation and in worst case the child gets a chronically infected eye. The watery eyes as well as tears running out of the eyes are some of the common symptoms of this eye problem in kids.

Tips to deal with Blocked Tear Duct

In case a baby is born with this problem then in most cases it gets healed naturally. However, in case it develops over a period of time then one way to deal with it is a special type of a massage technique that is of great  help to open up the membrane that cover the lower opening right into the nose of your baby.

5. Stye

Eye Diseases

Another most common eye problem that kids suffer from is a stye. In this condition, the eye usually looks red having a sore lump near the extreme edge of the child’s eyelid. Commonly, this eye problem is caused by the infected eyelash follicle.

Tips to deal with stye

There is not much that you can do to prevent this from happening. However maintain hygiene and not touching the eye with dirty hand can surely help.

All in all, these are some of the most common eye problems that children suffer from. Dealing with these problems is possible but it is always recommended that you must consult a doctor prior to taking any step.

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