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5 Early Symptoms You Should Watch For Corona Virus

Coronavirus is one of the much talked about viruses these days that has taken a toll on many lives. It is the cause of the illness that ranges from the common cold to a lot more severe diseases like Sars. The disease traces back its origin to Wuhan, a city in China. It began spreading in the month of December 2019 and was named COVID-19, by WHO. The society had not witnessed such an outbreak for over decades. Corona virus primarily attacks the respiratory system that then becomes the cause of pneumonia-like lung lesions. It is claimed that this virus switched from bats to humans. The only way to protect oneself against this fatal virus is being aware about the symptoms. There are usually multiple signs that you must not allow to skip unnoticed. According to NHS as well as the World Health Organisation (WHO), there are 5 most common early symptoms of coronavirus infection that include the following:

1. A running nose


This is one of the most common symptoms of coronavirus which does not necessarily means that you are infected but the possibility of being infected is there.

2. A cough and/or sore throat

Young woman holding her painful neck

If you are suffering from cough or if you have a sore throat then you must again look out for the test to determine is you are coronavirus positive or not.

3. A high temperature/ fever


Apart from running nose and sore throat, fever is said to be a common indication of being infected of this virus. So if you are suffering from fever that you need to watch out.

4. Feeling tired unnecessarily


Another potential symptom is being tired unnecessarily. If you are experiencing the above mentioned conditions and on top of that if you feel tired without having done much work then you must look out for coronavirus test.

5. Finding difficulty in breathing

Breathing Problem

Last but not least, having difficulty in breathing is another common symptom that indicates towards coronavirus.

These are basically the symptoms that are almost similar to the other respiratory illnesses that include flu as well as the common cold. However, coronavirus is said to trigger the cough plus fever in the words of experts. As the conditions worsen the complications increase.

All in all, these are the most common symptoms that indicate being infected against coronavirus. In case you have recently travelled to one of the countries that are seriously affected by this virus then you must call NHS 111 especially if you notice the symptoms of cough, high temperature as well as or shortness of breath. This should also be done in case you have been in contact with the infected person. Ideally, you should avoid coming in contact with any of the stranger and maintain distance while talking to people. Avoiding things like handshakes or sharing food should also be avoided. Staying indoors as much as possible is suggested. You must make all the efforts to boost your immunity as well.

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