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Boost Your Kid’s Winter Immunity With These Food Items

Winter is approaching fast and soon you will have to encounter running nose and other problems in your kids. You may cover your kids with the warmest of clothes but still they will catch some sort of infection either from school or any other place. In order to keep your kids away from such problems, it is important to strengthen up their immune system during the winters. Here is a list of some amazing food items that are just great to boost your kid’s winter immunity.

Different Types of Berries


Berries such as cherries, goji, and acai are not just rich in amino acids, minerals, and vitamins, but also are a great source of antioxidants. The antioxidants in the berries help in oxygenating the blood and hence improving upon the immune system of your kids. You can mix these berries in their cereals or yogurts or in any other food items to make them it throughout the day.


Healthy food

Kids may hate this green vegetable but it is important that you show your talents in making them eat this on a regular basis. Broccoli is filled with the amazing properties of beta-carotene, iron, calcium, vitamin C and most importantly antioxidants. Apart from enhancing the immune system of the kids, broccoli is also high in fiber that is great in dealing with digestion related problems such as constipation. Try different ways such as making a puree or mixing it with your kid’s favorite food items.

Leafy Vegetables

Leafy Vegetables

Green and leafy vegetables such as spinach, kale, and others that are available during the winter in abundance are a great source of vitamins, calcium, minerals, and fiber. These vegetables are great in helping the body fight infections and hence have a great power of healing. The best way to make the kids consume these vegetables is in the form of soup or smoothie. Make smoothies of spinach by combining other ingredients such as mint and others so that your little ones can easily consume it.

Bright Colored Fruits

Fresh fruits

Apart from the vegetables, the bright colored fruits such as kiwi, oranges, and similar others are also great in keeping the infections at bay. These fruits are rich sources of antioxidants and vitamin C that helps in boosting the immune system in the body. For kids who do not eat fruits, you can make smoothies or can decorate the plate in a colorful way to make them have these power boosters.

Nature is aware of the infections that a person might catch during winters. Hence, it has offered a number of fruits and vegetables during winters that can be beneficial. Offering these food items to your kids during winter can actually help in maintaining the immune system and keeping them away from problems.

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