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How to Make Kids Listen to You Without Yelling?

At some point of time, even the calmest parents yell at their kids out of frustration or anger. But does this actually bring out a solution for the kids? It has been surveyed and found that yelling does not solve the problem, rather it can worsen it.

There have been noticed a number of times that yelling may even lead the kids to create an even bigger problem that may again make you yell at them harder and the cycle goes on.

So, in place of yelling at them, you can try other things to make them actually listen to you.

Correct Yourself First

Children learn things by imitating the elders. If you want them to be perfect, you need to be perfect also. If you have got elders at home, respect them and show the attitude of courtesy every time towards them. When your kids see you, they will do the same thing and hence will listen to you in the same way how you listen to your elders.

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Clear the Rules

If you discipline your kids, they are more likely to listen to you without the need of yelling. Make some rules about their habits and activities that you want them to follow. Keep this in writing somewhere so that the kids can see this every day and can follow them properly. Of course, make sure that this list contains some such habits also that you also need to follow.

Reward Them

Reward Them

The best way to make a person do any work is by motivating them. Whenever your kid does some good work, reward him or her. For example, if your kid has shown improvement in the grade card, plan a dinner trip or anything that is his or her favorite. This will motivate the child to listen to you always.

Punish when Necessary

Punish when Necessary

Punishment is necessary but punishing for every small thing is almost similar to yelling. So, you need to track things about your kid. If the kid has done a mistake for the first time, start with a warning, a softer one! The next time should be followed with a harder one if the mistake is repeated. If again the same mistake is done, then punishment should come to the picture. Also, the punishment should be such that will actually make the kid remember not to do the same mistake again. For example, if the kid is wasting food, stop giving the favorite food items for a few days until the kid does not learn the good habit of not wasting food.

Yelling all the time will not do any good, rather it can worsen things. In place of regular yelling, following some tricks as above can really help.

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Amanda Smith
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