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Being a Mom brings Unexpected Beautiful Changes

From asking a mom how has she changed to becoming one and getting loaded with same questions, we realise how a new life can bring new unexpected changes, which are beautiful, though sometimes turn out to be a nightmare. Raising a kid is not an easy task and it requires all the labour, time, attention, strength, care. Tired already?

Having a new life partner to share your life with to having a baby of your own, it feels like everything happened in just a blink of an eye. But change is inevitable, respecting and adopting that as early as possible is the key to a happy life.

Also, this is the most beautiful blessing and phase of life. One can possibly ace this out by overlooking all the negativities and thinking them to be the positive and joyous side of parenting. Once my neighbor who was the mother of three, said to me, “Enjoy your parenting! No profession in this world is as relaxing and as joyous as this one, even after being unpaid, it is the most satisfying one”. Then and there I realized, life is as you take it, and I came to learn about the bright side of changes in me, some of which are highlighted below:

1. I love to give more than expect to receive

Mother and daughter in the park

Surprisingly, I never considered myself as a selfish person before my new-born. Even most of us, if we think about it, would have to admit that at the heart most of our choices are our own self. Almost all of our actions are dictated by our concern for ourselves. Not so, after you become a mother. Your little one takes the first place in your heart and even before yourself. And that’s such a wonderful and fulfilling experience.

2.I have scars all over, reminding me each day how blessed I am

Pregnant woman sitting on a sofa and caressing her belly

My scars, for the first time ever in life, seem perfect and beautiful to me. I don’t care how my body shape has changed after giving birth to my little human. I just keep adoring the masterpiece who was living and breathing until now inside me. After my child’s smile, I believe I have a powerful and awesome body, even if it’s not perfect anymore, I love it how it is!

3. I have become more health Conscious now


Of baby’s health as well as mine too. I am ready to sacrifice away all my junk food habits and nurture my child with everything best I could. Even if it means drinking away that whole glass of milk without adding anything, two times a day. Or munching walnuts and almonds, replacing a packet full of potato chips which I never went a day without. Chocolates, ice-creams are all now a dream, holding a bowl full of nutritious fruits. The doctor says, even after birth whatever I eat, my baby gets more than half of it.

4. I feel like having a new relationship with my baby’s Dad


I like my husband, yes, I also liked him before the baby was born. But this time its different liking, as seeing how awesome he is as a dad is really great for our relationship. I forgive him more quickly for his shortcomings because I am just so grateful that my kid has the best dad. I have a new appreciation for him in my heart and for our relationship.

5. I appreciate and learn something new about myself each passing day


Yes, I do. I am stunned to see myself changing clothes and diapers of my baby which I thought I never could. How I manage my home to my baby to my husband, all in one day, though not effortlessly at all. And how my perspective has changed regarding how people should be to everyone is perfect the way they are. Such positivity has given me a happy and lively life.

I am loving this parenting phase. And I don’t regret any of my change. What about you? Start living with a positive attitude towards everything and anything. See how I have changed! Also, I don’t wish to go back to that pre-baby world of mine. I feel happy, comfortable and contented!

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