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Raising Kids in this Digital Era – A boon or Curse

Parents deal with and complain a lot about their children’s usage of electronic devices or sitting in front of the TV which is referred to as an ‘idiot box’. Doing unproductive thing whole day long and learning nothing, is just like digging our own pits. I understand their concern and how this digital era is partially engulfing the whole life of their children.

Parenting and Children: Digital Gap

At first place, everyone knows and also, must believe, change is inevitable and has to be adapted with each passing generation. Not only do our science and technologies have enhanced, so has culture, traditions and food. These all have been shaped according to the new modernized world.


Buying everything they love and the quest to make sure our kids are happy may have led us somewhat in the wrong direction. Although media and technology deserve some of the blame for our stress too. However, we also know that turning everything off doesn’t magically make us happier or eases out our stress and pressure.

Looking for solutions to navigate the Digital Era? Here let us help you!

Digital Era

  1. Learn together about safety policies of applications they use:

Once your child has explored the fun aspects of their favorite digital spaces, it is a good idea to review how those sites keep users safe and explore safety together for strengthening your bond. It gives them a feeling that you understand them and respect their privacy and safety.


2. Combine social skills and talking etiquette of your child with online behaviour:

This is a perfect time for you to take over and explain to your child as a teacher. You are the etiquette proficient and you have helped your child to understand how to use words for good, rather than bad. Explaining how their behavior online affects their own lives offline and on, is a powerful step towards helping them to develop some responsible online activities.


3. Practice what you preach your child:

If you expect your child to spend more time on productive activities then online or playing games virtually, make sure you take the first step. Often children tend to follow the footsteps of parents. Keep yourself more active offline than online. Correctly said, ‘Practice what you Preach’.

4. Schedule your child’s usage of electronic devices:

This step may seem out to be difficult but you know your children better than anyone else. And by limiting their usage time, we don’t mean to get harsh and stricter on them, though practice it affectionately, politely and warmly. Treat them with love and respect their online time exactly as you would their offline time. Set limits and find out where they are spending their time and with whom, just as you would in their real-world lives.


5. Constant communication:

For understanding your children mindset and to keep a check on them, this is the best way instead of forcefully interfering in their personal space. With increasing cyber-crimes, a regular discussion with your child can give you an insight into what they are feeling and what they are interested in. Narrate them about the dangers of social media and the internet, cyber bullying fake news, their online reputation, pornography. For example, ask them what they will do if someone tries to contact them online?


Though, it won’t be correct to say it is a curse completely. Such a strong statement could be a disgrace to this Digital world, which has made everything so easier and introduced luxury, unlike other generations. Parents and children’s digital gap leadto arguments, depressed relations and increase in tension level among them. Follow the steps above for happy and relaxed parenting!

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