How to keep kids entertained while you work from home

Working from home seems like the best job in the world until you have kids to take care of which make life at home a full-time job already. The best way to keep your kids entertained while you are working is to get them into full-time childcare but if that is something you cannot afford then here are some ways to keep your kids occupied:

Schedule a playtime alone or with their friends

The same time that you are setting aside for your work, set aside for your kid’s alone playtime with your toys or their playtime with their friends out in the garden. When children are busy playing with their favourite toy or playing sports with their friends, then that is the time for you to get your work done.

Set a separate work space and a separate play space

If your child becomes familiar with a particular play space to be creative and you have your own space to work, you both can use your space accordingly. Separation of both spaces is important to set boundaries so they ask before entering your work space and understand how important it is for you to remain undisturbed.

Work time= movie time:

Use the technology to your advantage by playing them a movie or letting them use computer. Kids love doing that but use it wisely and put children lock on certain websites. Make sure to monitor what they have used afterwards. The right kind of Tv channel or cartoon can also work like magic, giving you hours of time at a stretch.

Construct and use legos


Toddlers can often stay engaged in toys for a long time so you can always leave them with legos and tell them to build a castle or a rocketship. They might want to show you once they are done but it will take them a long time to build it. This will not only give you additional time but also help the kid develop their motor skills.

Sit outside and work

Brining your work outside can be a great help because kids love being outside and get so engaged in exploring other things that you have time to focus on your work and don’t have to worry about looking over them every second. Working with fresh air can help you keep your mind creative as well.

Always have a backup

In case your child is being extra needy just at the time when you are busy catching up to a deadline, you have to have a backup plan. Do have a babysitter on call in case you have to work a bit harder than usual.





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