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How to Teach Your Kids the Art of Saving?

There is a famous quote, a stitch in time saves nine. Saving is the need of the hour. As the most responsible and caring parents, we try our best to raise our children. We provide them with the best of education, nutrition, apparel, toys, hobby classes and the list goes on. We as parents leave no stone unturned to provide what is best for them. We discipline them, we teach them good manners and good habits, so tomorrow the child can become a healthy and sound being.

With the changing times, I believe it is time we also start teaching our children about the Art of Saving. Saving the natural resources and using it respectfully. A child’s nature is filled with curiosity. And channelizing the curiosity to make them understand the importance of saving is the need of the hour. It is the sad reality that our children have to take the necessary steps at a very early age for their better future. Below mentioned are the few ways by which you can teach your kids the art of saving.

1. Water:

With the increasing water crisis it is mandatory to take necessary steps by us or the coming generation will face severe hardships accessing clean water. Closing the tap when not required, not only at home but where ever they come across, taking bath from a bucket instead of a shower, not to waste drinking water are some of the basics we can teach our children.

Art of Saving

2. Food:

We all are foodies and we make sure our child gets the best of the food and nourishment, but there are many out there who don’t even get the daily meal. When a child wastes food, it is our duty to make him aware of the fact that food is not to be wasted, and also it can be shared with the less fortunate ones. Sharing is a great habit and it will also bring out positive changes in the child.

Art of Saving

3. Electricity:

Our lives are ruled by electricity, we can’t imagine the hardships we would face without it. And our natural resources get depleted to create this electricity, thus saving electricity contributes to saving of the resources. Explain to the child how electricity is created, how it can be saved by being careful and aware. Simple things like turning off the fan and light when not required at home and in school. Make them aware that there are still places in our country which don’t have electricity.

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Art of Saving


In the quest of giving the best to our children, many times we see children around not valuing the money or the efforts behind it. From an early age, a child needs to understand that money doesn’t always come easy and there is a lot of efforts and hard work behind it. Give them a small piggy bank and ask them to keep a count of their collection. Take them to the bank and explain to them how it functions.

Art of Saving


Today we all live in constrained spaces, gone are the days when we all had a small garden in every house. All that we are left are small balconies, but that should not stop teaching tree plantation to our kids. Let the child plant a seed in the balcony, water it every day and let the child take care of it. As the plant will grow, the child will feel accomplished and also explain the need to save the trees. This will make him aware of his surroundings and make him more compassionate towards nature.

Art of Saving

Schools, these days are conducting various workshops to make the children aware of the depleting natural sources and ways to save them. And many children around the globe take these issues very seriously and are doing their tiny bits possible. These tiny bits today will go a long way in shaping the tomorrow. With schools, every child should see and experience the process of saving at their homes too; so they can learn and exercise it. As they say, Charity begins at home, it’s time we also say Saving starts at home!

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