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5 Things To Avoid During Process Of Birthing

One of the things that constantly keep worrying you during pregnancy is the process of birthing. Irrespective of efforts that we make to distract ourselves from thinking about this painful process but more or less, this keeps on going in our minds. The truth is that there is not much that we can do to calm these feeling down but one thing that we can do for sure is prepare ourselves mentally. There are many people in our surrounding who are experienced of this process, and they are ready to offer you guidelines on what to do during the labour. However, there are not many who actually tell you those things that you must not do while birthing. We are here to do the same for you. In this article we intend to make you aware about the things that you should avoid during baby delivery.

1. Over exertion


Many of the women are of the view that taking rest or giving rest to the body can hamper the process of labour or cause difficulty during birthing. However, this is not true, even if you remain inactive during the last days before delivery, there will be no impact on the birthing process. On the contrary, sleeping in appropriate positions and giving rest to your body can also be of great help in positioning the baby properly that make birthing an easy task. At the end of the day, you need to conserve some energy for the labour as well.

2. Fighting

The body of a woman is so designed that it can handle the process of birthing. At times it might so happen that you require a cesarean but it is always suggested that you should opt for vaginal delivery. However, it does not mean that it is some of a fight that you need to win. It is simply a process that ought to be performed and if you behave logically then it might become comparatively easy for you. There are certain positions that can simply help you relax as well as control pain thereby adding comfort during this process of pregnancy.

3. Over breathing

Over Breathing

Over-breathing or to put it in other words, breathing too rapidly result sometimes in dizziness accompanied by numbness as well as tingling of your hands, feet and at times face. This in extreme cases can result in fainting. During labour pregnancy diaphragmatic breathing is beneficial as it helps in relaxation as well as offers stress relief, in addition to this, it oxygenates deep tissues as well as strengthens the diaphragm. Remember that labour is not just physical but also a mental challenge and proper breathing is a key to deal with it properly.

4. Screaming


It is perfectly okay to make noise during labor and it is also encouraged. Indulging in low guttural noises as well as moaning directs pressure that you exert to your diaphragm thereby helping to continue progress. Screaming happens when you are overwhelmed or losing control during birthing which irritates vocal cords causing you to release the diaphragmatic pressure from up in contrast to directing it downwards.

5. Giving up

At times after having put in all the efforts during labour, we feel like giving up because all the energy that we had tends to get drained. However, it is time that we motivate ourselves of putting in a little more effort. Even the feeling of giving up can adversely impact your labour, so stay motivated.

If you are preparing for the labour that is soon to come, then do keep all these points in mind and prepare yourself mentally.

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