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Know what to do when you are expecting twins

Twin pregnancy is exaggerated and amplified. You might even not feel like your own self for the next 9 months. If you are pregnant with twins then you will definitely get the intuition that you might be carrying more than one baby. Your whole body goes through drastic changes and your body keeps on giving you indications that you just might be carrying more than one baby.

Care in twin pregnancy


Carrying two babies means your body needs more fuel and rest to give each of the babies what they need to develop and to grow. Eat more frequently and healthily if possible, which may be difficult if you are experiencing exaggerated morning sickness. Give your body a break and allow yourself more sleep and food if you suspect you may be carrying twins. As it is, in twin pregnancies, you tend to feel tired all the time.

Familiarize yourself with the symptoms

Mood swings is the first noticeable symptom. You might feel happy one moment and at the other you might feel just exhausted. Also your body feels flustered all the time and you do not know how to relax yourself. You also get food cravings which you cannot justify. You will start liking food which you never tasted before and might not be able to eat your favorite ice cream. You might get intolerant towards certain food, smells and textures such as meat, seafood or even coffee. You can be prone to nausea and it would make impossible for you digest even the plainest of food.

Bodily changesbody changes

You might feel that your feet and fingers are swelling and of course the very evident baby bump. You might even suffer from breast tenderness to the point that you are not able to wear a bra. To combat this problem, wear a crop top or bandeau style tops and go bra free. Your breasts become fuller and fitting into your regular clothes becomes a night mare. Your skin becomes glowing which some people refer to as the pregnancy glow. But you might go through a lot of pain due to the uterine stretching and by the kicking of the babies in the womb. Some women even suffer hair loss due to stress and lack of nutrients. Do not forget to take pre natal supplements to avoid such situations.

Regular check-ups


Getting an ultrasound is the first step towards your journey of pregnancy. An ultrasound is the most authentic way to confirm a pregnancy. An ultrasound during twin pregnancy helps you in knowing for sure if its twins or not. It helps in keeping an eye on the fetal development and help in preventing any kind of complications.

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